Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Family Home Evening- My Lesson

Last night was my night to provide the lesson for FHE. Since the chance to teach a lesson only comes my way every 5 weeks I thought long and hard what I wanted my lesson to be on.

Manners- table manners, or not burping or farting in other peoples faces??
Using Kind Words- follow up on a previous FHE lesson where we designated the term NHL as a code word to remind family members to think twice before they speak. (is it NEEDED, HELPFUL or LOVING ? - N.H.L? if not- don't say it.)
A Lesson from the Scriptures?
Just so many topics to choose from...

But I decided we needed to have a family meeting and talk about the current sleeping arrangements and use of our bedroom space. We have four bedrooms. A master bedroom, a guest bedroom downstairs- that gets used frequently, living in Hawaii you can imagine. Then two boys bedrooms. The ironic thing is.. the boys don't sleep in their bedrooms. I find them asleep out in the hall, downstairs in the guest room, in our bed, on our floor, on couches, etc. etc. etc.. So I wanted to get to the bottom of WHY. WHY don't they sleep in their beds!?!?

The kids and I had spent the afternoon cleaning the bedrooms- because I thought there might be some rearranging going on .. I knew TOP bunk was a problem, so I thought we would be taking those apart, etc..

It was really funny. After dinner, we sat around the table and had Family Home Evening. (Opened with a song: Popcorn popping, a prayer and then to my "lesson".) I explained to the kids "We have a problem". Nighttime wandering and musical beds was not working. We have bought them beds, the best we could afford and we expect them to use them. What can we do to make sleeping in their bedrooms and beds more comfortable? Answers varied and it was interesting to hear their complaints and views.
It's hot
The bed is too hard
Don't want to sleep alone
Scary to sleep on the top bunk
afraid of the dark
etc. etc..
After much discussion and a few votes- majority of the kids wanted to try and have all the beds in one room. Try having a BED room and a Play room.

Then we got to work.
I took the younger two kids to the store to buy our FHE treat- It was our 5 year olds turn to pick. Oreos.... every week it is Oreos! You would think we could get a different cookie! I even tried persuading him to get Oreo Cookie icecream.. Nope. Oreo cookies.

Since the rooms were "prepared" earlier, my husband and older boys moved one bed into the other room and took the baby's bed down. So now- there are 4 beds in one room! (2 single beds and bunk beds. My 5 year old who is more adventuresome agreed to try and sleep on top bunk.) We had to remove the doors to the closet- to make enough room for the fourth bed. That one is positioned Feet in the closet & head sticking out of the closet. It's amazing that all the beds fit in there- and it's not too crowded. (This is just an average size bedroom)

For the other complaints- every bed has a fan positioned on it. (Even a small fan up on top bunk.) A star nightlight hangs from the window now for those afraid of the dark... and NO ONE should feel alone. Everyone is in the same room! Baby had a rough night in his big boy bed. I found him on the floor in the middle of the night, then in the middle of the floor, then I put him back in bed and I slept with him the rest of the night. But everyone else made it! A full night... in their own bed!

Also- another good thing about all of the boys in one room. It makes the other bedroom a great playroom! The baby's toys can stay in the living room - but all the big boy toys and play station are being moved up to the play room! (Yippee- less toys to trip over in our living space!)

PLUS- Last night I was able to read a bedtime story - to all my boys- at one time - in one place. No circus and sneaking out of bed while mom is tucking in the others in bed. I can tuck them all in bed at one time and read stories until most are asleep. It was WONDERFUL!

I'll keep you posted. Who knows next week they might all be back in our bed. We'll keep our fingers crossed.


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