Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Good Morning to YOU!

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Morning Reading Time
This morning I was trying to wake up my sleeping sons. Normally, I start with the gentle rub on the back and a sweet, "honey- it's time to wake up"... that usually gets a grunt or two.

Then I move onto my monologue about what day it is, and all the fun things in store for the day... that usually gets a few groans as they realize it is Monday and School.

Frustrated- I then traditionally move straight into my annoying "morning song" where I start singing phrases like, "It's time to wake up- it's time to start a new day! It's time to wake up and say Hey! Hey! Hey! It's time wake up and have a great day!" My sons HATE the morning song..

So this morning while talking to myself about all the fun things to do today- I started picking up their bedroom and noticed a book by Dr. Seuss called, "I Am Not Going to Get Up Today!"

I remembered a spot I saw on TV about a mom who would read to her daughter in the morning- to help her wake up. So I sat down and started reading.

It starts out pretty good. About a boy -refusing to wake up. "I don't care if kids are getting up right now all over town. I'm the kid who ISN'T getting up. I'm staying down." (My oldest moaned- "Right-on Brother!")

By the end, my boys were peeking over their pillows- wondering how it was going finish. We all agreed- the ending was a bit anti-climatic but they both said they liked me reading in the morning- instead of singing that awful morning song.

I liked it too. It took only 5 minutes. 5 minutes I usually spend ranting and such to get them up. I know there are many books about bedtime and sleeping. I wonder how many I can find about waking up. We'll see. Anyone who finds some good books- please make a comment!

Hope everyone has a great day!


Deb said...

Great idea Laura! Your blog is so cute. And, btw, my Crash Test Dummy Diaries is going public. Check it out and see if you like the photo I added for your Boys and Balls link. If not send me one you prefer.

Blog on!

Deb said...

Oops, forgot to leave my address:

diane said...

I haven't yet had the pleasure of waking my boys up--they wake me up!

I'll store these little nuggets away for the teenage years :-)

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