Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Lesson while in a Waiting Room

This was previously posted Friday, Aug 1, 2008 on my old blog.

I spent 3 plus hours in my car's service center's waiting room with my two youngest boys. (ages 2 and 5 years old.) I thought I was prepared for a "servicing". I brought a Mini DVD player, 2 game boys, books, paper, pencils, snacks, and drinks. But THREE HOURS!?!!? it was grueling.
We found every quarter hiding in my diaper bag and purse so we could raid the M&M machine in the waiting room. You can do a lot of math activities!

We counted how many M&M's we got with every quarter.

Then we took an average. (15 if you want to know)

We sorted colors. (Yellow was the popular color while blue was the least.)

We talked about fractions... how many yellow out of the total 15?

We subtracted... (OH! baby ate three, how many left?)

Also we practiced finding a "nice" stranger. ( I saw this on an Oprah- where you practice with your child- talking to strangers. In case they ever needed help- they would know how to ask a "safe" stranger for help.) My 5 year old asked a grandma if she had a quarter for 25 cents in spare change. ( He wanted a gum ball and we had already spent all my quarters.)

Just wanted to share some survival games and activities. If you are ever stuck in a service center waiting room for THREE HOURS with two small children- maybe some of these tips will help.

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