Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Mystery Meat Night!

Previously posted on Tuesday, Mar 4, 2008 from my old blog.

Okay- how many of you thought it was meatloaf!
Some of my faithful readers, (Hi mom and grandma!) know that sometimes I like to introduce new things to my children at dinner. (The last time I posted about it- it was v-8 juice.) But since we have tried egg plant and found if fried, it is quite tasty.

Usually- I introduce new foods as part of our "FAMILY FITNESS" program.. it's like a food challenge in Survivor or at times like FEAR FACTOR... my kids get extra points for trying something new.

Well yesterday while at Safeway- I was picking out some fish for my husband (he's on South Beach Diet) and they had SHARK fillets. I couldn't resist...

Today I googled some recipes and found one where it is covered in French dressing, Parmesan cheese and French crisp onions... they've eaten fish before.. so I am not going to tell them what it is until after they try it.

But I am so giddy about it. WHY? I don't know! It has been thawing in my refrigerator all day... normally I am terrified of sharks. MY WHOLE LIFE I have been terrified of sharks.. even when we lived in Utah-- on land, miles away from any body of water-- I was terrified of sharks.

When we first moved to Hawaii... I was terrified of sharks... like they would jump out of the water and get me on the beach.. or in my bed when I was sleeping. I know.. not likely.. but if you've ever seen JAWS 1, 2 or 3 stranger things have happened! (I of course have seen all those plus every other shark movie- it's a sick obsession. My husband doesn't understand.. my family also likes to taunt and torment me by sending me articles and stories about every recorded shark attack in history.. ...)

So all day.. I've been opening the refrigerator and just looking at it.. with butterflies in my stomach- "Am I really going to eat shark and feed it to my children?"
I mean- my whole life I've been afraid of them eating me! It just seems twisted...
Anyway- I'll add a picture of our feast and tell you how it goes!

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