Thursday, August 21, 2008

New Site/ Boys Book Clubs tips

I am trying to change everything over from my old blog site to this blog. Hopefully- I'll find a new place for too. One of the new changes I am working on is making my Boys book club outlines- more user-friendly. (pdf files you can down load- FREE).

It's the beginning of a new school year and I believe many parents are feeling the homework woes as much as their kids.

In the past week I've had two moms ask if their 6th graders could join our book club. (One is a clerk at our small grocery store- I had never met before!) I tell you- Boys Book Clubs are a good thing- I've never been so popular! (just kidding)

I am all about motivating boys to read. Boys Book Clubs provide the incentive to get them to open the book and the motivation to continue reading. My Boys Book Club outlines have incentive games. If they can answer questions about the book correctly- they get a reward. Sometimes it's a treat, most times it's an advantage in a game we are playing. My Boys Book Club members know this. Every Boys Book Club we play a game first. If you want the upper hand- you better have read the book. Just a few examples of what I mean....

Rotten School: Blue Berry Barf-off by R.L Stein, mentioned water balloons in the story. So before our water fight (with sponges and buckets of water) I asked questions about the book. For each correct answer- they received a water balloon.

After reading The Black Stallion, our Boys Book Club played a game where the kids had balloons tied to their ankles*. They tried to stomp/pop other people's balloons before all of their own were popped. (The more right answers- the more balloons you had tied to your ankle.)

*The balloons were tied to the ankle with a long string. (ankle on one end of the string- balloon on the other.) That way boys weren't stomping on feet.. but chasing after and around the balloon(s) trailing a boy. It was hilarious to watch! (Also this game gets energy out too- another huge bonus to playing a game before the actual book discussion.)

You should start a book club for your boy. They are fun. If you need ideas, tips, helps, lists of books- check out my site: Did I mention- all the outlines and ideas are FREE- so go check it out!


The Crash Test Dummy said...

Laura your site looks great! You go, girlfriend! I'm so impressed. Blogspot is the best!!


Anonymous said...

You're site looks terrific. Good work. I'm going to read it everyday.

Martha said...


Wow, you are getting so talented. It's hard for me to keep up. I better keep practicing on the ripstik.

Laura said...

number 2 comment is my mom- Hi mom- thanks for your support!

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