Thursday, August 21, 2008

Piggy-back meals

I don't know about you-- but meals and planning meals can be a real project. I have four growing boys. It always seems like I either made too little- and my boys are fixing bowls of cereal after dinner OR I fixed WAY TOO MUCH. ( And if it wasn't a big hit the first night, left-overs don't have a chance of being re-heated and eaten the next day, or week.)

So- how I try to solve this problem is plan "piggy back" meals when I can. For example- If I make Roast, mash potatoes, gravy, and peas on Sunday. After dinner, instead of putting left-overs away- I make Shepherds Pie casserole for later the same week.

How you ask? I layer the ingredients in a casserol dish by shredding the roast & pouring gravy over it, add the peas, then mashed potatoes, add some grated cheese and place foil over it before I tuck it into the refrigerator. Simple and I've gotten TWO meals from one cooking!

See the magic?

So tonight- we had Orange Chicken, rice and broccoli. (There is only a bite size portion of chicken and broccoli left- so that got put together for my lunch tomorrow with a scoop of rice.) But the left over rice... what can you do with that, you ask????

For breakfast tomorrow- we are going to have Scrambled eggs, rice and fried Portuguese sausage. If that sounds strange- then you must never have eaten "local style" while visiting Hawaii... this is a classic Hawaiian breakfast. (They even sell it in Mc Donald's here!- or served with fried spam.) Or if you don't cook breakfast, have "Breakfast for Dinner" night.

Another example of piggy-back meals.

This past Sunday I made spaghetti, homemade bread sticks ( but I only used half the dough for the bread sticks) and green salad.

The leftover spaghetti and sauce were saved together for lunches or YOYO night*. But I reserved half the dough and rolled out / made cinnamon rolls- for breakfast the next morning. I even cooked them so all we would have to do is re-heat Monday morning.

I'll share more piggy-back meals later. But I challenge you to try and think of meals that use similar ingredients and try to piggy-back them.


Now, YOYO night stands for You're On Your Own. I was going to explain- but I think it explains itself.

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