Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Yesterday I told you how- we are in the process of rearranging bedrooms and creating a playroom. Today- I thought I would go through drawers and toss out unwanted items, put a donation bag together of out-grown clothes etc...

I found this in my sons drawer. A million of these BB's (really seeds from some plant) and a BB shooter (a big Slurpee straw.)

My first thought was, "what the heck!?!" All these black seeds/bb's rolling around and in all his shorts.

THEN I found the little cap and straw... the pieces of the puzzle came together.

Here is his little stash! I found a forgotten hidden treasure!

With 4 boys- I've come across these hidden treasures before. (But usually- it's after they have been washed and dried and have exploded in my dryer.)

I'm going to miss these surprise little treasures when they get older.

( Or..... I can already hear mom's with teenagers thinking, "oh you'll still find 'treasures'.... some not legal.) But I'm not going to go there... ;0)
I'm going to stay happy in my ignorance.

Little boys and their collections of rocks, bb's/seeds, etc.. are adorable.


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