Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Book Club Prep

For this book club project- I guess I would recommend using gloves.

We are going to be making the official Book Club T-shirts for the YEAR! Yipee! Normally- I like having the boys involved... but we're so crunched for time this month that I am making them for the boys. (But no one will be able to tell- trust me- everyone who sees them will think the boys made them themselves.) I like having T-shirts. It helps the boys feel like book club is going to be a real "Club" and if we go on any field trips or outings the boys can wear their shirts.

I bought my T-shirts in a pack of 5. They are boys undershirts. I bought XL- but they are SMALL. I should have bought a Mens- small or medium... not boys. (They are undershirts-so of course they are going to run small...right?)

Next- is raid your cereal cupboard for boxes. When painting T-shirts it's good to have cardboard inside the shirt so the color doesn't bleed to the other side.

I split the seams of the box so it's one long piece of cardboard and slip them inside each shirt.

Next I use contact paper cut in 4 inch strips to make stripes.

I diluted fabric paint (1 part paint- 2 parts water) in a container and used a sponge to apply. To help with more "even" coverage I put the paint on the contact paper... swipe it first so their is a little running along the contact paper and then use the sponge to swipe it into the white part of the t-shirt.

We've been reading the Newbery Honor book: Al Capone Does My Shirts by Gennifer Choldenko. To quickly sum it up- it's about a boy who lived on Alcatraz when it was still working as a prison. So I wanted our shirts to look like prison inmates.

Well- I've got to run.
But I'll show more this week- after our book club meeting!

Be sure to check my website: for book club ideas, games and activities. This is a sneak peek to a new outline.

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