Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Bookclub4boys website

Hello all book club fans!
I've been trying for the last three days to up-load my story time to my website and I can't. Sorry. I don't know what is up with

I am hoping that the glitch will be fixed soon- so I'll be able to post my new book club picks/outlines for October!

For those of you whose son participates in Hugh's book club. Here are the books we are planning on reading this year. I thought it would be helpful- to give you a list of books- so you can buy them in advance. is a good way to get cheap books /used... While I look for used copies- I make a list of sellers (used book stores) and then buy from the one that has most of the books.
OR- I frequent the use bookstores and look for books.
Libraries are good- they just usually don't have enough copies for all the boys...
So some of us need to get our own copies.

Okay- here's the list.

The kid Who Ran for President- October
Boy Who Became President- November
Herdmans Best Christmas Pageant -Ever- December
Sign of the Beaver-January
Air time by Dan Gutman
Summer of Monkeys- March (Movie/video book club)
Honus and Me- April
Harry Potter 6-May
Harry Potter 6- continued June and then SEE the MOVIE in theaters!

I hope that helps.

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Amanda said...

We just got Sign of the Beaver from, Al remembers it fondly! Hey, have you tried We use it and love it! It may be a good (and cheap) way to get the books you need for your book clubs. Al and I both have accounts so let us know if you want to sign up so we can get a referral :)

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