Monday, September 22, 2008

Breakfast-Lunch-Dinner- OR dessert!

Two years ago while visiting family in Sacramento, we went to a restaurant called Crepeville. It's a small chain that serves crepes and the yummiest Fuji/walnut salad. That summer I asked my sister-in-law Amanda to teach me how to make crepes. (she's an awesome cook).
Crepes are really easy to make. I mean it. This is coming from a woman who HATES to make pancakes. {My pancakes never turn out well.. undercooked & "creme filled" or overcooked and rubbery}.

I'm hoping Amanda will comment on this post so you can read first hand her tips on crepes. Because she's the one that taught me.

But lets have a go... I was craving some Crepeville- but we are thousands of miles away from the nearest one. So I looked on-line. THEY HAVE THEIR MENU on line! I was soooo happy! They list all the ingredients for the different types of crepes they make. I'll share our favorites but first you start with a basic crepe recipe:
2 eggs + 1/2 cup flour + 3/4 cup milk- whisk together. It will be super runny.

I take a non-stick pan sprayed with oil. {The pan has slightly slanted sides for easy flipping.} Get the skillet HOT. Then I pour 1/4 of a cup of batter on the top of the pan and let it slowly cover the bottom of the pan. (Turn and twist the skillet to make it do this.)

Crepes are super thin.. they cook fast. Just a minute or less on one side. Use a spatula and flip it. Cook less on the second side. Once it is cooked it's ready to be filled and eaten. I was making mine for dinner and I wanted us to eat together.. so I placed my finished crepes on wax paper. Or you can just put them on individual plates.

Then fill with your favorite fillers.
I made Hawaiian style crepes filled with:
brown sugar, soy sauce, cooked bacon, onion, cheese & pineapple.
So yummy.
Another good crepe is Cremevilles' California Crepe: avocado, spinach,onions, tomato, provolone cheese and sour cream.

And another one of my favorites is the Chicken Curry Crepe:
tomato, provolone, sour cream and sliced olives, and chicken curry.
You have to prepare your curry chicken first. (bummer I know that's why I make the Hawaiian crepe more often.) But here is the curry chicken recipe I use:
saute: 1/4 cup butter and 1 cup diced onion
mixture of 2 T flour + 1 tsp salt + 3/4 tsp curry powder in the same skillet.
Then combine 2 cubes of chicken bouillon and 1/2 cup water- add to skillet
1 cup milk then add
2 cups of shredded cooked chicken.
combine and set aside- until crepes are done.
Cremes can be filled with all kinds of things!
Breakfast crepes:
Spread with your favorite jam or jelly
Or scrambled eggs +bacon + cheese
I've listed our favorite crepes for lunch or dinner but dessert crepes are just as yummy.
Amanda has to post her orange glaze crepe- super zippy and tart.
Or chocolate and bananas
There are so many possibilities for crepes.


Martha said...

Your chicken curry crepes were yummy.

Crepes are one of my favorite thing. For example, when I got home from my mission my mommy asked me what my favorite dinner was, and I said, "Crepes". Except, we never have dinner crepes, we do fruit ones. So here's how you do it. You pick a fruit. (Slice some apples in little pieces, open a can or peaches, frozen strawberries are good too). Boil like 1 1/2 cups of water with 1/2 cup sugar with the fruit for like 5 mins. That's it. Then you sprinkle powdered sugar on top too.

Amanda said...

Ok, I only have one tip to share. Make the crepe batter at night, put in the fridge overnight and by morning, all the flour bits will have dissolved and you have a perfectly smooth batter. Let batter come to room temperature or you can add a small amount of warm milk to thin the batter and warm it up a bit. Stir and cook as Laura suggested.

The orange or lemon crepes are my favorite...and sooo simple. Make a crepe, while hot, sprinkle lightly with granulated sugar and squeeze fresh orange or lemon juice lightly over the sugar. Fold in half and in half again to make a wedge and eat with your fingers :)

I also like to make whipped cream with a bit of sugar and vanilla, smear a hot crepe with my strawberry pomegranate balsamic sauce/jam (I know, I should come up with a catchy name for it) and top with fresh whipped cream, roll and eat. Sweet and I want crepes!!!

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm I loved those curry crepes so much. I should make those tonight.

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