Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Christmas project with Teenagers

I saw a tutorial to make these Scrabble tile pendants on a blog called Make-n-Takes
They are adorable... or you can just buy them already made at: they are the ones who hosted the tutorial.

The only down-side to the pendant- it's not waterproof. But I was thinking if you used game pieces like the plastic ones from the game Othello you wouldn't have to worry about it getting wet.

I tried making some... I used Othello pieces, Crystal Effects to glue and cover the image. I'm still looking for the pendant hardware piece. They don't sell it at Walmart- so I'm going to have to drive around the island and try and find a craft store. (ugh- unless some kind soul in Blogland wants to mail me a few???) I'll update this post with my pictures when they are done. Very cute- and very easy. (except for finding the pendant hardware... but I am sure everyone else who has stores like Joanne Fabric and Micheal's near by will be able to find it no problem.)

I thought this would be a great craft a teenage girl could make to give to all her girl friends for Christmas. Email me your pictures at bookclub4boys(at)yahoo(dot)com and I'll add your images to this post too.

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Kelly said...

I've seen these tutorials too and would love to make some. I just can't find those same pieces either--I have one more place to look. If you see a place online to order the pieces, please let me know!!

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