Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Cutest Little Monkey!

Okay- I know I promised- no hard/complicated craft projects... but tell me now. Isn't this the cutest little monkey?

I love the idea of making it a boy monkey... like curious George. What an adorable gift! Make a little monkey and give some Curious George books! You would be the favorite Aunt for sure!

I haven't tried to make this project. But I want to. If I have time.. I just might- and then of course I'll post my efforts.. but I thought, it's not fair that I limit the projects to my meager means and skills, there are alot of crafty ladies out there who can take on a challenge- with out their "troops".

I would love to hear how the project turns! So if any of you make one- please post and we'll link back to your site to see pics!



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