Tuesday, September 16, 2008

House of Boys

I live in a house of boys. I know that. I showed you how I try to incorporate their interests into our daily living. I don't fight that I am in a male dominated home. (Easy access to pucks and hockey net, etc.) But I haven't given up on also having some girl-ish type decorations too.
I mean I do craft. I have to have something to show for my hobby.
So I saw these cute blocks in a stamping store and thought I would decorate them so I could display different thoughts & words to my sons... without having to actually say it.

I'm pretty good at changing it up every week or so. I like the challenge of trying to spell different words. There are plenty of blank sides - so if I don't have a certain letter, I just put a blank block there and let them try to figure it out.
I made the blocks with a plan of spelling words like; integrity, family, home, love, charity. You know stuff like that.
The other day I was walking by and noticed one of the boys had changed my word.

I smiled. No- not the word I was hoping to highlight. But I love seeing them try to be sneaky and funny. I can just imagine them- changing that letter and making sure no one saw. Giggling to themselves and sneaking off. I can't wait to see what other words make it on the blocks.
PS- Book Club Tomorrow! Frindle. Go to www.bookclub4boys.com to see what we are planning on doing. It's gonna be fun!


Amanda said...

I'm kind of surprised you didn't see this one coming :) Too cute...it's so nice you have a sense of humor about it, probably make it more fun for the boys.

Lisa said...

I love all the little feet in the background!

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