Friday, September 19, 2008

Items in my car

We've started keeping a dictionary in our car.
That's a really good question. Because if you know our family- we don't really seem the type of people who would carry lots of books, especially a dictionary in the car. Actually we carry a lot of odd items in our car.
Hockey gear - expected
Air Fresheners -required
band aids -useful
Germ-x -needed
a beach towel or two ( we use them to sit on when wet- but also they make handy 'blankets' if the kids get cold on our drive home from hockey. Sometimes practices get rained out and driving home drenched for an hour is no picnic.)
Diapers & wipes - I'm so over carrying a diaper bag. We are getting out of the phase.
A jar of peanut butter with a spoon. This is for a quick snack for the kids...If we are heading around the island, I just grab a loaf of bread or a package of crackers and then we have something to munch on during our long drive to and from hockey. We are trying to not eat Fast Food 5x a week. (I use the handle of the spoon to spread the peanut butter.. a knife just seems to dangerous.)
And now- a dictionary Some of the hockey coaches assign homework for the boys. Mostly it is looking up words like: team, discipline, ethics, sacrifice... words like that. We have forgotten more times than not to do this extra Hockey Homework so today Hugh asked if we could just keep it in the car.
What are some of the strange things you keep in your car?

Oh- also I was thinking... if Mondays are my favorite days then Fridays are my most stressful. Have I gotten everything done this week I wanted to get done? Am I ready for the weekend?I am usually scrambling around trying to finish up projects, run the errands, finish my chores and tie up loose strings because if I don't- I don't think of these things until Monday.
(Saturday is spent around the island at hockey and Sunday is devoted to family & church.)
So I've got to run.
One fun thing today is the Story time/play date this afternoon- which reminds me I've got to put that stuff in the car.

Hope everyone has a great Friday!


Amanda said...

We keep a roll of small trash bags in the back seat pocket of the never know when you;ll need a trash bag, especially since we take lots of trips to my parents' house and we eat a lot in the car. But that's not nearly as weird as some of your things :)

emily said...

I like to keep lots of things in my car, including:

used and empty McDonalds cups and wrappers (lots)

melted crayons

empty juicboxes

soggy wet towels and clothes from last time we went to the pool (well over a month ago)

heavy-or-bulky-items-that-don't-need-refrigerated from my last shopping trip (they get carried in next time we try to fit all the kids in the car)

Some things I DONT keep in the car include extra napkins in the glove box and pens- I never have a pen when I need it

I've heard of people keeping a phone book in there (if they need to look up an address or whatever when they are out running around)

Martha said...

I have a map of the island. Even though I've lived here over half of my life some of those soccer fields are in not familiar places like Waiau, and a tennis match in Waialae Iki (never even heard of that one).

I also just stocked an empty pill bottle with: ibuprophen, head ache w/ caffine, diarreha pills, and tums. Then I stuck in a little paper identifying which pill was which.

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