Monday, September 29, 2008

My Blogging Crush

On "TipJunkie" a new blog I like to frequent... she as a "Talk to Me Tuesday" theme. Today's theme is admit our Blogging Crushes.

Where do I start?
My absolute TOP SECRET sneak/cheat of places where I get cool ideas to demo in my card exchange group- I've already mentioned is Dawns Stampin Studio . She is BRILLIANT! And has so many cool ideas if you like making cards. (I am sure you are thinking it's not very TOP SECRET if I've posted about it before... but trust me... the ladies in my group don't read my blog. I've begged them to come check me out- but they know me- I'm an open book- I show them all my skills monthly- I think they feel they get enough of me already... why search for more of Laura?)

My favorite place for a good laugh- and read about a lady who understands the pains of trying to get/motivate sons to read is...Book Blog for Boys . I love that she has her kids write the reviews of the books. (Mind you they get paid to do it- but they are so honest and naturally funny.)

And this last one- that I am totally obsessing over just lately- is
This lady made THE CUTEST fabric purse/doll house for her daughter and with all the buzz about having a "Handmade Christmas" I am really contemplating trying to make one of these for my sons.
I know- you are thinking, "What is she thinking? She has 4 boys!" ADAPTING it of course for a boy... the first one she made was a barn.. adorable! But she suggested a "garage" for cars, a "fire station" etc.. it could be any building. I don't really even sew- so I don't know why I am really thinking about it.. they just look so darn cute!

For the last week- I go- check it out again... try to read the sewing instructions... I try to talk some sense to myself and abandon the idea... but then I start thinking about it again... so I check the site AGAIN... read the directions... talk myself out of it. I will spend all this time and effort and they won't even use it. I'm just setting myself up for heartache. But then the next day- I'm thinking about it AGAIN! It's really cute! And if you have a girl- you so need to make one!

I guess that is all.
I must confess.
Now that I'm a "blogger" I am starting to feel the "PRESSURE". There are so many wonderful blogs out there! These women are witty and write so well- and at times I feel like stringing two coherent words together is a challenge.
And some women flat out look like models with beautiful homes and okay- go check out:
to see why I am having self esteem issues now...
(slightly joking)
eh? ha ha...

Okay- off to scrape peanut butter off my floor-


emily said...

One year with my daycare I had 5 kindergarten boys that came before and after school (TJ, DJ, CJ, Jared and Zac- I kid you not, those were their names- all the Js).. the favorite toy they played with constantly were 2 doll houses- it was hilarious because the houses were all cute and pink/baby blue but they would use the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Incredibles figures and then have their houses being attacked by dinosaurs- so I say, make some doll houses for your boys. Why the heck not?

Debbie said...

Hey, thanks for the public plug of your private blogging crush. YAY! What at a fun post.

Hey, I really love what you've done to your bookclub4boys site. It looks great. I really love the way you've organized the reading levels by your boys photos. It gives it a nice focus.

Good job, Mom of the Month!

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