Wednesday, September 3, 2008

My new BFF!

I wrote to the author Kate DiCamillo to let her know our Boys Book club was reading her book The Tiger Rising this month and would be highlighted on my website:

(Go ahead and check out what we are going to do for our book club- it's gonna be fun!)

WELL- she sent me a post card! She thanked me for my letter. Hopes I'll keep reading and she promises to keep writing! (books that is..) And signed it "your friend in stories" and then some signature I can't read... but the proof it's from her is... the postcard is a picture of her!!

I tried to capture my excitement and joy in a picture- but I just barely could get my head and the book in the same shot. You get the idea.

I really do like this book. It's short- so that is encouraging to hesitant readers. They usually will start a book that is only 116 pages. It's short but it provides a lot to talk about and think about. Also- it was easy to think of an activity and snack for book club. (Making my life easier- that's what I like in a book too.)

Kate, my new BFF, has another book The Tale of Despereaux that is also a movie coming out this December. So our book club is planning on reading this book- probably starting in November so we'll be done by the movies release date. Book/Movie Book Club Meetings are always a big hit with my boys.
She is also the author of Because of Winn-Dixie which has a movie too. We've never done Winn-Dixie- because it's about a girl and a dog and well- my boys want to read about BOYS and dogs.
But she's a popular author for kids fiction.... and... she's my new BFF so even better!
That's all for today.


emily said...

If I send you a postcard can I be your new BFF?? ;0)

Martha said...

What!!! I am your BFF. I'm so hurt.

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