Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Thanks to Lisa

Lisa is a friend of mine from High School. I saw her "year book" pictures on her blog and I just had to try it. Sorry you all can't visit her site- it's private. Like a private club I belong to. Me, and a small circle of friends are allowed to view her site. (Another BFF type thing- you know how it goes.) But I'll share all the funny stuff she posts- cuz that is how I am. Somethings are just too funny to keep to yourself.

Here I could totally pass as Donna Reeds sister. Cute hair!

Yeiowser! I think I did use to curl my bangs that way- when I
got my first curling iron around age 8. I would try and sculpt my bangs into the exact shape of the barrel of the curling iron.
And here is a scary resemblance to some of my bad perms in High School.
The second one... (disregarding the bad hair) but the glasses make me look like my MOM! I'll ask her for a picture of when she wore glasses like this... we could be twins!
Thanks Lisa for sharing.


Lisa said...

You are adorable!

emily said...

Looks familiar...

I like this post! More YOU less POO

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