Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Handmade Christmas Gift

If you spend any time- blogging around the Internet- you probably have heard the BUZZ about having a HANDMADE Christmas. There is even a website about pledging to have a HANDMADE Christmas. (I haven't taken the pledge.) But I do like to give handmade gifts. I don't think they are usually received with as much enthusiasm as I made them.

I mean, some people would just prefer a gift card and buy themselves exactly what they want or need. ( I know- we have a stack of gift cards from Christmas's past and when I feel the need to splurge it's nice to use one. I just did this a few days ago- found a gift card to Barnes and Noble and bought a bunch of books to preview for book club! THANK YOU to whom ever gave us that card!)

But I've gotten side tracked. My point... my point is.. I am dedicated this season - to find great gifts that you/me/we can make for loved ones this year. And to start things off I want to share this fort/playhouse I found on a blog named: Nothing Fancy . I beg to disagree. This is the cutest- fanciest little fort/playhouse I've seen. I love it! I think if you have a girl- you should seriously consider making this for a birthday party/present or Christmas present. What little girl wouldn't LOVE to play inside this darling little house? Jamie uses a card table for the structure and sheets etc.. for the house...And how wonderful that it's not some HUGE plastic contraption you have to store somewhere when not in use? LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!


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