Thursday, October 23, 2008

Book Club Up-dates

Hey all book club members!
Those boys reading The Kid Who Ran for President- we will be hosting our book club on November 4th- ELECTION DAY! -noon.
If your son still hasn't gotten his book- they are available in the school library. I was there yesterday and two remain.

If your son is reading Million Dollar Shot also by Dan Gutman. Our book club will meet November 5th Wednesday.. after school, my house.

For those of you who have your own book clubs- my outlines for these books are posted on my website:

There is still plenty of time to read these books.

Now on a Dan Gutman note: you know how much I love Dan Gutman books. I think he is a great writer for boys. He knows what they like. He knows how to hook a reader in the first few sentences. But to be honest- I finished one book of his, I wasn't thrilled with. I posted earlier that Getting Air by Dan Gutman was on my nightstand ready to be previewed for boys book club. Dan Gutman references the book Hatchet by Gary Paulsen as inspiration for this book. Our book club read and LOVED Hatchet last year- so I thought this would be a fun book to read. Even if it's not as good as Hatchet- just to compare and contrast.
I just didn't like it. I didn't like that their plane is hijacked by terrorists, I didn't like the comparison to 911 mentioned in the book even, it seemed too light-hearted on such a issue. It just fell short I felt and missed the mark. Normally Dan is able to make things seem so plausible- I mean even a kid running for PRESIDENT! But this just seemed too forced and - well- not so believable.
So I just want to be on the record- I don't LOVE all of Dan Gutman's books. Just because Dan Gutman has written a book- I'm not going to sing his praises automatically and push his book. If I sing praises- it is because it is praise worthy.
Don't you hate getting a book and reading it because it was given wonderful reviews -only to find it a flop? I do. So I'll always shoot it to you straight.
Getting Air- not my favorite. If you want "A true adventure book." as the School Library Journal says... just read Hatchet Gary Paulsen and his following books, The River, Brian's Return, etc. Those are really great adventure/outdoors/ survival books.

Just one mom's opinion. Sorry Dan- I still think you're a great writer.

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