Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Cleaning out the car

Tuesday hockey practice seem to be the best time to clean out my car. I'm at the rink for three hours and Heath was asleep for one of those! (And trust me- it needs it.) We sadly live in our car. We are one of those people. Have you seen the new version of the movie Cheaper by the Dozen... their car with the fast food wrappers every where. Sadly that is us. We get those looks too.
Three hockey bags full of equipment fill our trunk. Hockey bags could easily be mistaken as body bags.. they are about that big. Not that I've ever really seen a body bag... but when we were flying with our hockey bags this past Summer for Regional we noticed we could easily slip our kids in the bags and save some money.
We've got a shade tent, woven mat, folding chair, case of Caprisuns along with socks in stages of; used, slightly used, over used and just down right crispy crusty used.

Then the usual- towels, wrappers, empty drink containers, crumbs, shoes, sweatshirts, peanut butter jar, diapers, wipes, sunblock, boys books I'm reading...paper, pencils, sudoku book- I'm trying to get the hang of...

The strangest item I found... two pairs of small underwear. ? Why? When do they take their underwear off? Why would they take their underwear off? Who takes off their underwear in a car? I didn't even ask. I'm sure they wouldn't remember... I just... uh.. underwear.
On a side note to my ramblings tonight...
I got some sweet/kind comments on my last post.
I was seriously stressing over my story for my friends contest. So I can sigh with relief- it's posted, I'm entered... I can't wait to see which stories win.
You should check it out!

Tomorrow I plan to post new book club outlines on www.bookclub4boys.com . I think I'll be a little busy Oct 31- so I want to get them up early.

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