Sunday, October 12, 2008


So our company is here- Brother & Sister Storrs. They are so fun to have. E.J has two grown sons - so it is fun to hear how she handled always being out-numbered.
They are by far the most popular guests we've ever housed. People calling, dropping by... all before their plane even touched Hawaii.
His father served his mission here- 80 years ago. He has a list of families his father baptized or blessed babies from... and pictures of what Laie looked like back then. AMAZING.
You can't really see my layered hair in this picture- but you can see my "studious" style glasses. (And this Target dress- I LOVE!)
Anyway- just a quick post. I will be working on up-loading my book club outlines on the next two days... so be sure to check those out.

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Amanda said...

what a nice picture! I love the Storrs :) And I would like to see a picture of your hair.

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