Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I lied

Okay- I lied. I did my rain story time for my sons playgroup on Tuesday... it was fun. Since the Women's Luncheon only meets once a month I am planning a Halloween story time for this group- instead of the Rain Storytime.

Cute no? I have pictures of the books and such on my website:

Books: The Brave Little Pumpkin, Run Away Pumpkin, The Perky Little Pumpkin, Corduroy's Best Halloween Ever

Opening Activity:
Invite your little ones over for a Halloween story time and set out your box of dress up clothes. Let the kids mix and match items and create a costume for the Story time.

Story time: Once all the kids have arrived and are happy with their costumes. Sit them down for some Halloween stories.

Sing songs such as: Eensy Weensy Spider, (modify it and sing again the "Big -Fat hairy spider" in a deeper voice.), 5 Little Pumpkins sitting on a gate- with hand motions, and 1little 2 little, 3 little witches. (sung to the tune of 10 little Indians.)

(It goes as follows: One little, two little, three little witches - hold up your fingers....
flying over hay stacks, flying down ditches- swoop your hand up and down...
sliding down moon beams without any hitches ....
HEY Ho! Halloween's here!)

Snack: Enjoy pumpkin cookies and pumpkin treats... frost pumpkin shaped sugar cookies.

End game: TRICK OR TREAT....(modified game)
For this trick or treat game- kids don't go door to door. They sit on your floor in a circle and take turns pulling cards out of a pumpkin. (plastic trick or treat pumpkin). Some of the papers say TRICK- and have a silly thing they have to do like, "make a silly face" , "howl at the moon", etc.. some papers say TREAT. Papers that say TREAT- have a number on them too. (Take one, two , three treats... ) Some papers say SHARE a treat and they have to choose someone in the circle to give a treat to...
This game is about sharing, taking turns, being silly and getting treats! Play and make sure everyone has a handful of treats to take home with them.

Dance until parents come to Halloween music. I found a CD at Walmart for under $5 that has silly songs like Monster Mash and the Flying Purple People Eater.

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