Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Mind Games

Getting boys to read, reluctant readers to read, is alot about overcoming some mental hang-ups they have. I feel bad that it seems I use the word "boys" and "reluctant readers" as almost synonyms. I know there are some boys who love to read. Probably alot of boys- but my boys don't. So for me those two words are synonymous. So back to the topic of mind games. I learned a valuable lesson from the Spiderwick series.

When the movie was coming out- the boys asked if we could read it for book club. (So we could go see the movie in the theater.) I bought the series and my two older boys literally were fighting over the books. (I have the complete story on I also have a book club activity-just for the first book.)

I was surprised the way they read the series in a few days. No way would my boys prop open a 567 page book and read it. Too intimidating- too big- too hard. YET- they will sit down and read 5- 100 page books. Diterlizzi & Black are brilliant!

So I am looking for the next series... that will hook them.

Some of the books on my nightstand include:

The series by Gordon Korman, On the Run

My husband and I enjoy the TV Series Prison break- and this series reminds me of that. Brother and sister break out of a Juvenile Detention Farm to prove their parents innocents. (Their parents are convicted for treason- they thought they were "helping" the CIA but were set up.) I love that the books are about 150 pages each. So small- not overwhelming- yet they hook so boys or reluctant readers will want to read the next book in the series.

I'm on book 5 of the series right now.

The series by Peter Lerangis, Spy X

Twins Andrew and Evie navigate a maze of intrigue as they try to uncover the truth about their mother's disappearance. Again- what I think might appeal to my boys is the appearance of it being a short book. They like that feeling of accomplishment- having read a book in a few days.

I also have a few Dan Gutman books to read: Getting Air, Million Dollar Put, The Homework Machine and Jim and Me- Baseball card series. Because my boys like Dan Gutman. As a book club we've read a few of his books and he's become an author my boy trust for a good story.

Give me a few weeks- and I'll post my official reviews on these stories.


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Great blog great kids...I am always looking for ways to reach my boys too...please email me...I have something I think you might like...


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