Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Oh Dear..

The photographer called this morning to set up a date for our little Family Fun Magazine photo shoot.
Just have fun- right? No stress... right? Millions of people aren't going to see this - right? (wrong). Millions of people, at least won't be obsessing over this.. just one... me.
They will casually flip through the magazine... pause amid the advertisements for ding-dongs and crafts using glitter .... and see my picture and think, "What's so special about this lady? Why is HER picture in a magazine and not MINE?'"

My sister nominated me alright? SHE thinks I'm special... along with my mom and grandma and maybe a scattering of friends I have had over the years... oh maybe a few of my sister-in-laws think so too...

No - I'm excited. (but nervous... did I say that?)

Today- my husband- my poor poor husband. He hands me one of his work shirts that has been missing a button for about 2 years now.. he hands it to me for maybe the 20th time... and says, "please, please... please.. today can you .please... sew this button on? Please?" ( It's a button that doesn't even match.. we've long lost that one.. but he just wants to wear the shirt again. ) You would think.. in two years he's had time to sew it on himself- if it is THAT important.. but I think this is one of his "love languages". {Like I don't change light bulbs... for some reason... he doesn't sew on buttons.}

Isn't that strange? What we do.. .and stranger what we won't do? In the twelve years of marriage- I don't think I've ever changed a light bulb. {Something about standing on something with little ones under toe, changing a glass object, .. I just don't attempt it. My husband is MUCH taller than me and he can just reach up and do it.} I haven't changed a light bulb- but I've changed plenty of diapers!

So I did- If I was really nice I would have changed all the buttons to match the new one- but I couldn't find scissors to cut off the old buttons...{forget even finding a seam ripper... that is a joke.} that labor of love will have to happen some other time. ( that is what his mom would have done... she's nice like that. She's old school. Something about "if you're going to do something do it right? or well? or finish what you start.. " something like that. My motto is "Get er done" and "Good enough". )

Anyway- it got me thinking... love languages.
What are your languages of love? Have you read that book? I haven't, I probably should, but I've heard of it. There are like 5 languages of love.
??- I don't know.. Food? does that fall under gift?

Mine is jewelry. ( I really really like getting earrings, rings, necklaces... not so much necklaces and bracelets... I do like watches though...)
{HUGS} I love hugging and holding... my babies, my kids, my husband, my loved ones.. the mailman, strangers... just kidding.. it just started feeling strange so I thought I would go off on a tangent. :0)

Oh- and just a heads up- that rattling on about things I love getting.. reminds me
My birthday is next month! Yup. 36 years old.
I want to do something fun for my birthday.
Our tradition is have a birthday dinner with family. And I love that. I do! I want that- plus...

My sister is already talking about her 40th birthday plans... next year (her birthday was in September) and it got me thinking... I want to have a "birthday party" with my girl friends. I've thrown plenty of parities for my boys maybe they could have fun throwing me one?
I don't know
we'll see. I literally just thought of it.


Martha said...

Dang, I should've saved the presents I gave you today for your big 36 birthday bash. I had to wait until I was 40 to have a big party. But, why wait have one this year and in 4 years.

Today A gave me shorts that needed a button and I handed him a little sewing kit. He actually sewed it on himself. I was so proud. He will be a great missionary since he can sew on a button.

Since you are as cute as a button, you will do great in your photo shoot.

Laura said...

My mother-in-law read my post and I got so busted for calling her "old".. I meant "Old School" like the SNL spoof... not in a bad way- in a cool way... proper values.. high standards..

So then I changed my url.
I mean I did- but I told her what it was...

Love my shorts. Thanks Martha

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