Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Spook-a-rama entry

Okay- I'm no literary instructor at some university- but here's my attempt at a true-life scary story that I don't ever want to re-live. Grab something warm and fuzzy to cuddle as you read this absolutely TRUE story. SERIOUS. (This is my entry for that contest I have posted on the right scroll bar... too many cute prizes to NOT try..) or goto http://crashtestdummydiaries.blogspot.com/
Here we go:

It was the best of time and the worst of times. Our family had just sold 3/4 of our possessions and moved thousands of miles away from family and friends to a tropical island in the Pacific where we knew no one. Yet amid the transition it seemed like we were livin right. We were living in a beautiful home across from the beach in a land of perpetual summer. (Growing up most my life in Maryland, then college in Utah, I have had my share of slush and sludge winters.)

How could things be any better? We rattled around the house waiting for our container of furniture to arrive. (Our things were going to take 4 months to get to us.) The house seemed so spacious with just our sparse possessions we brought with us on the plane.

Kids started school and I started slowly finding my way around the island.
Getting use to a new house is always a little spooky. My husband, having started a new job, was sent off the island for a week for some training. Why do spooky things always happen when the husband is gone? That night- I tucked all the boys into their futon mats on the floor (we don't have beds yet..remember?) and settle myself in the next room. No sooner had I fallen asleep- my oldest starts yelling for me. I quickly make my way to the boys room and all the boys are huddled on one futon furthest from the door.
"Whats wrong?" I ask.
It was silent and then I heard it, the scritch scratching sound of something trying to claw it's way through the wall. Yuck! I thought. Rats!
I pound on the wall- to try and get it to move along... but it doesn't... it wont.
scritch scratch..
scritch scratch
the sound continues to persist regardless of my pounding.
My oldest says in a solemn voice , "It's Night-Munchers"
"Who... what?" I ask.
scritch, scratch
scritch scratch
"Night Munchers they rise up out of the ocean and steal kids away at night. It's revenge on those who don't belong on the island... "
scritch, scratch

"Okay- " I stop the ghost tale, it sounds like the unwelcome wagon has caught up to my kids at school and have been passing along some local tales. I gather up the boys and bring them into my room.

"There is no such thing as Night- Munchers. It's just a rat." I lay them on my futon and we snuggle up as I try to calm their fears. (Not that a rat is much better in my mind. I mean, don't worry little ones, it's just a rodent with sharp claws and teeth that could possibly be carrying some kind of disease that is clawing it's way to you through the wall. Right?)

AND it doesn't help that we had just watched a movie my sister had sent us- an old black and white flick: Attack of the Killer Shews.

I locked my door and thought- I'll deal with this in in the morning.

Every night that week- the scritch scratching returned. During the day- the house was quiet. But every night from within the walls in my boys bedrooms, the scritch scratching would return- persistent, determined! So needless to say- the boys slept with me and I thought- any night... it's bound to get through! How am I going to kill a rat?

My husband returns at the weeks end and we tell him the disturbing facts: Night Munchers are after our children (my kids thought that.) I mean-no, not that. The disturbing fact: the house is infested with rats. My husband bought some traps to set up at night, because we had a 2 year old and I didn't want him eating poison. (I hadn't set out traps- because honestly I didn't want to have to confront a rat in or out of a trap.) Meantime, my husband tells me I have to clean out the refrigerator... it smells like something had turned.

Now, I'm not the best house keeper. Sometimes the left-overs do go unnoticed until they start growing buds, but I had noticed the stench and I HAD cleaned out the refrigerator and I didn't find anything! No molding food, no fuzzy cheese, no liquefied vegetables, it was clean! But why did it smell like something was decomposing?

My husband comes home from work the following night and pulls the refrigerator away from the wall. There- on the back side of the refrigerator is a hole. He unscrews a grate and pulls out a drip-tray from under the refrigerator and there is the decomposing body of the BIGGEST RAT I have ever seen! That was the first rat- but in the next two weeks my sons and husband killed 14 RATS !
Regardless every night- still the scritch scratching would continue in my boys bedroom.
Of all the rats we were killing- we couldn't get rid of the one lived in their wall.
Someone recommended we get a dog. Dogs are good rat catchers, but even the scent of a larger animal seems to keep smaller rodents away.
We got a dog- and only THEN did the scritch scratching stop.
Was it a rat? Was it?
Or did our dog scare away a real Night Muncher?
I guess we'll never know. .....


The Crash Test Dummy said...

hee hee hee.

First of all THANKS for entering!

Second of all, didn't you get my memo about the 3 specific lines NOT to start a spooky story with? ha ha You rebel!

Third, I love the kids interpretation of Night Munchers. ha ha. You know it's really Night Marchers, right? I like Night Munchers better though.

GOOD JOB! So cute, your story! (I mean, scary!)

Emily Anne Leyland ( Art-n-Sewl) said...

That was so darn cute!!! What a cool and creepy story. I sooo relate with selling everything you own. We did that from England to the US and though it was tough- it was so awesome to be free of stuff. We literally took 3 suitcases ( I was 8 months pregnant too) and that was it. We started over in Frederick Md.
Loved it!!
Anyway- great story!

Andrea said...

Rats are scarier to me! Ew.

Alyson (New England Living) said...

14 rats?!! Oww, gross! So happy for you that it stopped.

Pat said...

I laughed out loud at the first line of your story. Why hadn't I thought to be that outright disobedient? he he

Great story.

Rats are the scariest thing ever, besides teenage boys bedrooms that is.

One time my cat killed one and bruoght into me as a present. GROOOOSSSSS. Some kind of love you just don't need.

Laura said...

Crash- you are such a Nazi with your rules... rules are for fools- yo!

just kiddin. Can you tell I live in a house full of boys?

I failed to mention- the reason my husband knew to look in the refrigerator for a rat. .. He had mentioned at work we heard scratching in the wall .. and someone mentioned the smell that follows when one dies in your wall... and he made the connection.

Nice to meet all of Crash's friends!

Funny Farmer said...

I love how you comforted them with the logic that it was only a rat. HAHAHAHAHHAA! Only boys would be comforted by that tidbit of reality.

Chris said...

holy cow! Now when I hear something at night I figure it's our old house 'settling'. After your story, I'm going to assume it's RATS!!

(I have had three pet rats, but they didn't have diseases!!)

Good story. And aren't they really 'night munchers'?!


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