Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Story Time Ideas

This week is the Women's Luncheon. As you remember- I head the daycare for this monthly event. :0)
So I've been planning our story time.
It's been raining- so I thought that would be a fun theme.

Songs: Rain is falling all around & Insy Winsy Spider. I am also going to try and clap/snap a rainstorm with these preschoolers. ( have you ever done that? You start a group of kids snapping, then as you walk past them... they follow you as you change to clapping, then patting their legs, each louder and louder - and then slowly go back to clapping and snapping and it sounds like a storm. We'll see. You need a group- sometimes we get a good group of kids and other times it's just me and my preschooler.)

Books: The Cat in the Hat, Rain Drop Plop, The Diary of a Worm, and The Napping House

Gummy Worms are going to be my treat/incentive to help them sit still.

Now- it's up to you.
My friend, the former "Mother of the Year" is the story time lady at our local library and she has an apron with 8 or so pockets on it. It's her "storytelling apron" that she places trinkets in each pocket for the kids to pull out as she does her story time.

I really like that idea of involving the kids. Instead of an apron, I use a drawstring bag. For this story time- I'll probably put a toy hat, spider ring, square of cloth to represent a blanket, stuff like that to represent each story and song. So kids take turns pulling items out of my bag to determine which book we read.

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