Saturday, October 25, 2008

Way Cute Craft

Okay- do you have extended family pictures and wonder how to display them?

Last year I got some very cute family pictures from my sister-in-laws and some of my siblings too... yet I never have found a nice way to display them.. besides a magnet on the refrigerator. Then while on the mainland this past Summer I went to a stamp store and they had a cute chipboard kit. Just brown chip board with connecting rings. But they had a display of cute ideas to do with the kit. I bought one- not sure what I would end up using mine for.

I decorated the individual chip boards with some Stampin UP designer papers (in old olive colors). And then found my saying, "Count Your Blessings" from my old scrapbook stashes. It looks so cute! I put clear tape in a few spots on the paper then used double sided tape to adhere the picture- I want to be able to change and up-date pictures as I get them.

If you look carefully- I only have one family picture. (My older brother's family.) So calling all family members...ehem.. I need an updated family pictures. ( I am scrambling- trying to find my old pictures- I think they are tucked away with my Christmas decorations. Or up on top of my refrigerator.. yikes that is a scary thought.)

But very cute. Stampin up sells these chip boards, they call them small board books. So you could make your own.

Just wanted to share.



The Crash Test Dummy said...

That is way cute! And I love your book carousel. How'd you do that? And I want the tree too!

Laura said...

The book carousel is a widget from associate page.
Pretty cool.
I need to talk to you- when did you turn into such a blog guru? And hosting your own contest! Hey!
Not fair! HOw cum your so computer savvy now? Didn't we start this together?
just green...

Laura said...

that's green with envy mind you... not the recycling kind- although I'm tryin..

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