Monday, October 27, 2008

The WHOLE Family (-2)

Here is my whole family. (My side of the family- minus two babies who have been born since this picture.) I have three siblings. Between us we have a herd of kids. The oldest is now 12 years old. AMAZING!

Growing up I always wanted a larger family.... now I have my wish. I love it when we can all get together. In this picture we had just finished a week of camping. (Maybe it was just a long weekend... I can't remember.) I just remember it was a lot of fun.

Okay- I guess I am feeling a bit homesick. 'Absence makes the heart grow fonder' so I've heard said.

On a happier/exciting note. Today I had a "Girls Day Out" to shop for some new jeans. My body is changing and I'm gaining weight in my thighs... all my jeans fit at the waist but are super snug in the thigh and butt area. (Is this too much information? If so - you might want to skip this story... )

It all started a few days ago when I got a very excited email from the photography department of Family Fun Magazine. My sister had nominated me months ago for one of their contests... Mother of the Month and I am one of their finalists! (That is very exciting in itself- but I don't want to spoil or jinx anything - so I haven't blogged about it until now.)

ANYWAY- the photographer wants to take a few pictures of me in a couple of different outfits for the article. Some beautiful outside setting- (whew- dodged that cleaning spree..) So multiple outfits... hmmm... tricky... my super cute clothes aren't fitting yet since my surgery back in April...

I responded in my email, "What do you suggest? What photographs well?" You know? I don't know... give me some tips... he's the professional.

He responds, "Oh, just wear something you normally would, something you feel comfortable in..."

Yeah- that is soooo not happening! He is talking to a woman who use to goto the grocery store in her pajamas. ( okay- who am I kidding "use to".) I am not making a debut, probably my only time to be highlighted in a magazine.... wearing... what I usually wear. YET- I don't want to go "all PROM" on this either...

I'm pretty much an "all natural" kind of gal, low maintenance, low fuss... mostly because if I try to hard my hair just gets bigger and stiffer (because of all the products) and things quickly get weird.

I usually wear make up on Sundays when we goto church. (Or when I go out with my husband). One Sunday I was trying to get ready and one of the boys had to use the bathroom. (mind you we have two others... but he was in need and this was the closest one.) I told him he would have to wait a minute until I was finished (applying make up). His response was, "Really, I just don't see the point. "

When my second son was 5 years old. He was watching me put on make-up and he asked what it was for?
I told him it would make mommy beautiful.
He said, "I'll tell you when to stop."
I thought that was funny... and then stopped when I was done... but he protested.
"I didn't say stop yet!" He was waiting for the magical transformation. :oO

It's a tough crowd- being the only girl in a household of boys! They don't get it!

My husband though- I'm lucky was raised with his mother and sisters helping him. He might not "get it" but he doesn't discount things that are important to me... especially when I start the conversation reminding him "I'm a girl..." He knows to judge things differently.

Anyway- my friend and I had a blast at the Banana Republic Outlet.. .their clearance section had an additional 30-40% off! Such cute clothes! So I was able to get two shirts that were like $8-10. The jeans were $40 (on sale... steep prices) but were so flattering.. I splurged. And it was all casual stuff.. I will wear. Nothing fancy.

Anyway- that was my day. Those are my thoughts.


emily said...

Hooray for the mother of the month! You deserve to buy some new clothes- when is the photographer coming?

Hey, you should be wearing a mumu! Or at least a lei!

Martha said...

What your Kohls clothes are enough? Don't forget a surprise is coming soon.

Laura said...

True that my Kohls clothes are cute- but I was sad those two shirts turned out soo big.
I can't wait for my surprise!
Your the BEST!

Funny Farmer said...

His response was, "Really, I just don't see the point."


"I didn't say stop yet!"

OUCH! Five year olds can get away with saying anything.

Dude. You will make the best YW president ever someday: you understand The Enemy so well. :D

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