Thursday, November 20, 2008

A Boy No More- GREAT BOOK!!

Two days ago I made a trip to my favorite second hand store: Savers. This is always a dangerous stop for me. I try to bring a "donation" bag... so I can justify buying something and bringing more stuff home. {Son 1 needed some new church pants and a pair of jeans.} And who am I kidding- I wanted to look at the kids books. I found a handful that looked interesting. I just finished this GREAT BOOK by Harry Mazer.

{We have a friend- who's son is fascinated by WW2. We live close to Pearl Harbor so it makes sense. My brother growing up was a war buff too- and currently serves in the Navy as a Doctor. Some boys just know and are born with that drive I believe.} Anyway.. I thought this book had potential for reluctant readers.
About a Boy... war... plus historical fiction.. and 126 pages long! ( Not an intimidating size for someone who doesn't like to read. )

This book was great! I can't wait to check out the first book: A Boy at War. {Which is about this same boy and his experience when the attack of Pearl Harbor. Adam, this boy, has a friend who is Japanese/American}

So many great themes in the book. About war and friendship, loss and loyalty...
Be sure to check out my main site: if you are interested in starting a book club for your child. (I focus on boys... because that is all I have... but as you well know- book clubs are great for girls too. And actually- my son2 has a girl in his book club.)

Just had to pass this along- you know when you find a great book... in a second hand store.. .it's like finding a lost treasure! I just had to share. Also- this weeks theme for round-up is fieldtrip books. Pearl Harbor, or visit the internment camp Manzanar where Japanese Americans were held during WW2- it is now a National Historic Site! ( This is in California- somewhere near Fresno?)

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T said...

I might have to pick this one up... the oldests' only exposure to WW2 books has been "Farewell to Manzanar" and that is NOT the place to begin... (besides, I'm on a personal WW2 kick this year... errmm, last year? whatever - I'll read it anyway!)

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