Saturday, November 8, 2008


Last night was my Card Exchange group. I cannot tell you how much I LOVE this group! We laugh and chat over good food {thanks Mirin for hosting}. We just enjoy each other so much and among the 14 of us {I can't believe how this group has GROWN} the age span is an 8th grader, {the demonstrators daughter} to a bunch of grandma's with a scattering of stay-home & working mamas.

I was so impressed by all the Christmas Cards- I came home and asked my husband and 5 year old son to pick out their favorites.

First place goes to Jocelyn. She demonstrated the first card... and the second card was her swap card. {Both her favorites were her designs.}

Runner up was Anjeny- My 5 year old LOVED this card with a pop-up Christmas tree inside and this was in my husbands top-3 favorites.

(I'm thinking he must like these masculine colors too..)

I thought this card was soo clever! Charmaine has only been stampin with us for 3 months! This card is a pocket!

And she made that beautiful flower with just the one flower punch... leaves and all! So CLEVER girl!

Brandi... great card! I just noticed the "notch details in the corners"... She always does a FAB job. (and has only been stampin with us maybe 4 months!)

This was done by the 8th grader!

She's been stampin with her mother for about 7 years! (isn't that a nice mom- sharing her hobby and precious supplies.) This girl makes her own card for her teachers every holiday! What a thoughtful girl!

I just was blown away... so creative!

This was made by a new member in our group- but she has been stampin for YEARS...

I love this Hawaiian snowman! I love the bling-bling.. (she says that's the Filipino in her.. all her cards will be sparkly.)

The shells are each cut out and embellished with glitter.. such love and detail put into each one!

Then drum-roll please.... this is Kathy's card... we always make her go last. She has a story and theme with each of her cards.

This card is titled: Teach The Children- and each of the symbols of Christmas are found on or in the card. (Dedicated to her son serving in Iraq- she added the Peace-Love-Joy sentiment.)

With a pocket inside... that holds the poem.

TRULY inspiring ladies!
You'll notice my card isn't included... mine was last pick! He said I must be a 'misunderstood artist'.

My card didn't have any Christmas saying... it didn't have a Christmas tree...

I just liked the colors and lay-out of the card so much.... I thought people could just use it as a regular card during the Christmas/winter season.
I'm okay that they didn't like my card. {whatever}.

Thanks again Ladies!
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