Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Christmas Cards

Well- you'll have to excuse me again... today.
My poor poor kids ( son 1 & 2 )... all throwing up... I am taking a moment to blog... find a happy place...after cleaning 2 bathrooms, mini-vac-shampooing throw up off the couch, and my constant vigil of washing towels... and it's just 4:30 am's gonna be a long night.
So- on happier thoughts. Christmas preparations. ( I can't stomach to think about Thanksgiving prep right now..)

Here is one of my Christmas cards for this year. {It's a pop-up box/card} the two main stand-up parts slide inside the box part when collapsed and fit in a regular envelope.
(Dawn's Stampin Studio has the tutorial for this card. She made a birthday card. LOVE HER! )
This year I've made about 4 different kinds of card and have swapped to get an assortment of handmade cards to send this year. I have big dreams that we'll sit down as a family... have all the cards out and pick which card to sent to which family.... we'll see if that pans out. But ... Don't be disappointed if you don't get this card. {I didn't mass produce it.} I only made a handful. {And for those of you who don't really care about handmade cards-you just enjoy family pictures, I bought some photo/cards.}



Emily said...

yuck yuck yuck super yuck!

put me on the list for a photo card- save the fancy stuff for your crafty friends

I'm headed to the post office right now with a package with your name on it- and a pair of teeny arms for your friend

hope today gets better for you!

the word verifier says 'irupren'... hope there is no more irupren from your kiddie volcanos

Anjeny said...

I'm up at this time with the same problem. Katie's been throwing all over night. Luckily all I have to clean are just towels and a couple of pillows....wonder what is going on.
Maybe this should be the perfect time to work on those demo, whaddya think?

Amanda said...

ick! Sorry the boys are so sick. I saw you posted this only minutes ago and I wondered why you were up so early...not a pleasant way to start the morning.

Put me on the picture card list, too...we're pretty informal around here. However, the card is impressive!!!

I've not heard from the person who won the hat...let me know what size and kind to make. I'd like to get it taken care of before baby Chase arrives. She can go to Etsy and choose which hat, if she'd like:
There are 3 hat links, but each link has pictures of multiple hats.

SWIRL said...

Well don't everyone fight over my pop-up card... there is no need to push and shove in line ladies! PLease! We're all family here!

Emily said...

ok, just for that please send me one for each of us- that is 5 for my family! But first go take a photo of you writing 'pop up card' in the sand. thank you.

Amanda said...

LOL I thought about how the comments must sound after hitting publish. It's not that I wouldn't be grateful, I was just trying to save you some work. And since I won the Christmas card set from your contest, I figured I'd have plenty of really cute cards, anyway :)

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