Thursday, November 27, 2008

Great Simple Gifts

So on my favorite site: Dawns Stampin Studio she shows how to make these cute card holder/folders.

I am always looking for ways to package cards to give as gifts- I thought this would make a perfect Teachers gift. Each folder holds 4 cards & 4 envelopes comfortably. (simple-one-layer cards.)

I bought this stamp set- crab and company- not really thinking I would like it much. (But living in Hawaii- thought it would USE it lots.) But I love this stamp set- especially with google eyes on the crab... so cute!

I made a bunch of these "gift sets"- Anjeny is setting up a booth at a craft fair. We'll see if they sell. I'm awful at pricing... how much would you pay for a set of "note cards" for a teacher gift? or neighbor gift? I was thinking $3.50- $5.00. Is $5 too much?

I also made a handful of Treasure Hunt Bags. (I've seen them called "Peek-a-boo bags" also on-line.) It's like a bean bag with trinkets inside. One side of the bean bag has a plastic window and toddlers can hold the bag and try to find the trinkets.
How much would you spend on a bag? I was thinking between $10- $15?

THEN- I got sick of making them.. but I had some cut out already so I made "kits" to make your own! (Because I know I go to these craft fairs all the time and DON'T buy because I think... ."oh I could make that on my own. But I never do... I never go home and make it on my own.) But the kits have the fleece squares { not sewn together}, a plastic window, poly pellets filler and 5 trinkets to start them out.

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Emily said...

I don't know for prices, but I'd say start higher than you want so you can mark them down. If you start at $3.50 it is hard to go down from there.

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