Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Great Story

Okay- I was browsing around my sister's site and her in-laws sites... and I came across this story . You should go read it.

Just because I said so.

No- just teasing. But I love hearing stories where kindness wins the day. The story above is about "a man who gives his mugger a tip". Changing the outcome and probably life of the mugger forever.

But I am all about small things right now. What are small things that I can do- that would have big impacts.

Interactions with people- really it's the small things right? A smile, pausing and letting someone else go before you in line, listening, pulling someones trash can out for them - so the garbage truck doesn't pass them by... {ehem... my neighbors where were you last FRIDAY?} just kidding.
Why do I always have to add a bratty comment on the end of a otherwise thoughtful entry?

My neighbors are SAINTS~ really.
My boys are rowdy and loud and constantly drag everything out of our garage and rarely put things back, they yell and create secret forts in the bushes and trees around the common grounds of our townhouses... .they create barricades to try and skateboard over or skin their knees trying, then leave the mess and move onto other projects.... they befriend every stray dog in the community and try to pull cardboard boxes out of the recycling binds for projects...

I mean- our family really is a work- in -progress. We're working on it. They have wonderful sides to them too. My oldest son is the first to offer to mow people's lawns or wash their cars, or walk your dog. My second is always mindful of the little children on the playground. My third is always sharing anything we have... if I make cookies- he's sneaking them out to share at the playground. If we've bought a case of soda- GONE in an hour because he shared it with the townhouse kids. No bag of chips, no box of caprisuns, so pack of gum goes unshared. And then our youngest...well he's too small still to cause too much trouble in our complex.

Small things.

Well goodnight. We just got back from hockey- so I best go tuck my boys into bed.


Funny Farmer said...

Beautiful post. Lovely rowdy loud boys with generous two-sizes-too-big hearts. Yer work in progress is a wonderful thing to behold. Too bad I'm on the wrong side of the ocean, darnit.

And the bratty comment thing? That's called HUMOR. It also signals how much you felt what you just said before, and that it made you uncomfortable to be that real, and maybe that you even had a prick behind your eyes while you wrote it.

I vote for more brattiness. It looks good on you.

Martha said...

Just stopping by on my way to bed. I was wondering if son #3 could sneak me a cookie?

SWIRL said...

too bad Martha
Cookies were gone 5 minutes out of the oven.

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