Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!
Well- I don't want to speak too soon... so I won't say we are fully recovered from our three days of stomach flu... but we do seem to be on the upside.
Two nights ago- around 3 am as I was cleaning up a mess- we turned on the TV to help distract them from their upset stomachs. The History channel was having the "Untold story of the Mayflower". It was really interesting! We were watching the poor pilgrims throwing up on the Mayflower and my children begged to change the channel since it wasn't really helping them keep their stomach settled. I taped it to watch later and Son #1 and I finished the show last night at midnight.

I was thinking Thanksgiving is a terrible time to be sick but then I thought- how appropriate. My kids have never felt so sympathetic to the Pilgrims story or journey to the New World.

We are suppose to be going to a friends house for Thanksgiving- I'm mashed potatoes & gravy (15 lbs of potatoes) and cranberry relish. Yesterday I ran to the store and bought a small turkey and 2 pumpkin pies just in case we can't make it today. ( I would hate to just have potatoes- on THANKSGIVING!?!?)

Hope everyone is having a less authentic Thanksgiving and enjoying the smells and tastes of a wonderful Thanksgiving!


Emily said...

We had a totally authentic Thanksgiving.. I think the pilgrims played lots of Wii, didnt' they?

Amanda said...

LOL It was a fairly tame Thanksgiving, but then again I don't normally get 2 naps on Thanksgiving so maybe that helped to make it seem tame :)

The food could not be beat, though! Emily did a bang up job on the turkey and desserts! Look for her recipes on the food blog:

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