Friday, November 7, 2008

Laughed OUT-LOUD!

Okay- you have to visit this clip of Twilight.. hosted by Naval gazing... I was laughing out-loud. (let me explain that.. when I'm sitting at the computer.. most funny things get a smile.. some get a slight smirk.. few, very few things get a real - genuine- laugh-out-loud. {l0l} as people so quickly type...

But maybe because I think the Twilight FAD is funny in itself. {I did read book one}. But not compelled to the entire series... sadly.. so spend my reading time.. reading books for boys.

Okay- also big news..

I FOUND an entry for Glitter Gone Bad! It was on a site I like- for really cute crafty ideas... but I just think this idea got the best of her... I don't remember which site- and I don't really want to call her out- cause I like her other ideas.. but this got me laughing. yes! {l0l}.. like my dish washing gloves need ANY embellishing...and is that a plastic shower curtain?? with rick-rack? why bother?
Oh - shoot... I just noticed her site's name....on the picture... oh well. She posted it.
Have a great FRIDAY!


Emily said...

The perfect christmas gift for people who like to clean! You could make a coordinating apron from the shower curtain!

PS. Do not get me these for christmas. I don't fall into the 'like to clean' category. If you havent' noticed

Amanda said...

Ummm I couldn't tell they were gloves in the pic until you mentioned it...I thought it was a badly coordinated scarf. WOW, those are ummm something (for lack of any term that might be more descriptive).

Yeah, put me in the same category of not needing these for Christmas.

Alyson (New England Living) said...

Yea! Another person not going for the Twilight insanity. Love it! You, that is, not Twilight. Blah!

Laura said...

MAN! I knew I shouldn't post your Christmas presents on-line!!

with matching apron.. great idea!

Jo Princess Warrior said...

Just heard a message form Bobbi Houston at Hillsong Church and she spoke about rubber gloves. They gave them out (similar to these) at the Colour (women's) conference.

max said...

I grew up as a reluctant reader. Now I write action-adventures & mysteries, especially for tween boys, that girls and boys hate to put down. My web site is at and my Books for Boys blog is at I also have a short story in a new book called LAY UPS and LONG SHOTS, published by Darby Creek Publishing. I'm also featured in an article in the 2009 edition of Children's Writer Guide.

My other books are all ranked by Accelerated Reader

Max Elliot Anderson

Jo Princess Warrior said...

did you just get an advertisment in your comments? LOL

SWIRL said...

I know! That guy is too funny! I have a website: where I share ideas for book clubs with boys.. and this guy is always self-promoting his books.

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