Monday, November 24, 2008


I wanted to introduce you to one of my BFF's here... Martha.
I've never met anyone like Martha. In all my years of life and in all my wandering. I've lived North, South, East and West of the United States. (I've lived in Florida, Maryland, a few summers in Michigan-, Washington, Utah, Idaho, California and now Hawaii.) I have never met anyone like her.
She's a real fire cracker. Martha is a go-getter. She doesn't sit around and think and stew about thing ( I tend to do that) she is a person who is decisive and looks at a situation... thinks of a response/solution/plan of action and then starts right away DOING it.
It's a bit intimidating for me at times- I'm not so quick with my thought processes.. and need to think things out, come up with multiple solutions and then think of what I want to do. (But I admire this trait about her.. because while I am mental "hung-up" on something... she's already DONE.
For example: One spring break she decided to paint the inside of her entire house and within a week.. she had the paint, ALL the townhouse kids helping.. and her kids helping.. and she got it done. (I was amazed! I would have been kicking EVERYONE out of the house... and would have to have done it myself... I would have worried about paint getting everywhere...) But not Martha.. she had my 5 year old painting closet doors outside and older kids with blue paint inside... again... I'm still speechless. It would have taken me at least 3 months to get this project done... but not Martha.
She's super competitive. (But not in an obnoxious way. This is why I've never met someone like her. Most people I've met who are really competitive- they are always just trying to "out do" the other person. It makes them feel better- always being better than other people. But not Martha.) I think this is what I admire the most about her. She's competitive- but in a motivational way. She likes to play sports. Almost every afternoon I'll see her out on the playground rounding up a bunch of kids for a basket ball game, or football game, soccer, kick ball, ultimate Frisbee... etc.. etc... She's always encouraging and motivating kids (and adults) to get up, get out and move. (She of course coaches tennis, and basket ball teams for her kids.)
She organized a basketball night at our church. (and I use to play a little BB in High school... ) But she's soooo good. (She holds her own playing men.) But she never makes anyone feel bad.. she is always so encouraging and supportive and building everyone up. She just wants to have fun.
But it's not just sports. She is this optimistic and enthusiastic about scouts with her boys (my boys), school, town house socials, etc.. etc..
Just a quick/funny story about Martha. She's addicted to She loves shopping the clearance section and has a Kohls card so she gets an additional discount and FREE SHIPPING! (which is a big deal- if you live in Hawaii.) Last spring I had a hysterectomy and it took a while for me to recover. (BIG THANKS to my mom who came out to help with the kids and such so I could take it easy.) I gained a few pounds during my recovery. 10-15 pounds- not a big deal- except I out grew my clothes. (I have about 3 sizes in my closet.. because my weight swings 10 pounds normally. But this was an EXTRA 10 pounds that bumped me up a new size.) So I was determined NOT to buy the bigger size. I was just going to "gently" work my way back down. (If I obsess about something - especially weight.. it doesn't seem to help the situation.) Well 4 months of still wearing sweat pants, etc.. things I could fit into... Martha comes over with her Kohls card.
"I'm sick of this sweat pant phase your in.. ... let's go shopping."
I laughed!
She said, "Don't get me wrong: I went through that phase... but there are so many CUTE clothes on at and CHEAP.. so there's no excuse."
We got on-line and I had no patience for it... my computer is so slow... and up-loading...etc.. She sat down and picked out a bunch of cute things and then I came back and picked the ones I liked... and she was right- I bought 3 pants and 4-5 shirts all for $34.00!!! It was amazing! (That is one of the benefits of living in Hawaii- those great end of summer sales when stores are trying to get rid of shorts and shirts to make room for warmer clothes... we can wear shorts year round- so it's a great steal for us.)
But I just thought that was so funny. Just helping out a sista get out of a rut. (and FYI- I'm still holding onto those 10 lbs!?!?!)
And one might think: Martha must be one of those people with unlimited amounts of energy. BUT SHE'S NOT... she takes/needs a nap every day! (I love this about her!) Because I to am a person who appreciate the beauty of a nap too...
So that's Martha. And she does all these amazing things... but she is just so low-key, down to earth, she doesn't think it's any big deal. But it is a big deal. She's awesome!
I'm glad your one of my BFF's Martha! ( You do need to blog more.. I will say that.)


The Crash Test Dummy said...

Amen to all that. Except my verfier says zoolo which is so appropriate for Martha.

I need to clarify a few things. She is competitive. And if you ever start beating her in tennis say 5-1 she'll hit a volley at the net so hard your chest will be bruised for a year. But it's a good strategy because then she'll come back and win.

She found 5 shirts for my husband at for only $12 so it was no biggies when they didn't fit.

And I love to call her when I know she's taking a nap. Or when I hear her husband say, "okay everyone it's time for prayer. " Sooo much fun to tease Martha!

B Boys Mom said...

Everyone needs a BFF like Martha. I love Kohl's too! I have one right down the road from work. Love their sales on Black Friday.

Anjeny said...

It's always great to have a friend who can get people motivated to do things. She's a great friend, that Martha...hold on to her.

Martha said...

Wow, it's not even my birthday or anything. I hope I haven't been diagnosed with some disease and you guys aren't telling me about it.

Anyway thanks for the super nice comments. You are totally forgiven for the whole dirt bike episode because I was a tiny bit sad over that deal.

I'll have you know that I made you the bread before I read or knew anything about your kind post. So now you know that it was genuine.

And Crash. Hello I have apologized up and down for hitting you with that overhead. It was just too tempting and I thought you would move back.

And maybe Swirl doesn't know this but I really have to try to stop my competitiveness because I hate when people get out of control over stuff that doesn't even matter. And maybe in the past that was me, but I have worked way hard to reform myself.

But, I do like to play stuff. Hey how about a football game Thanksgiving Day? We gotta work off that turkey.

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