Tuesday, November 4, 2008

My totally Awsome-Supportive Sis-in-law!

Amanda- just cracks me up sometimes... she commented last post that I mentioned her name. She got soooo excited!
So I want to dedicate this post to her!
Amazing Amanda... the one who tamed my younger-brother... settled him down and the soon- to-be- mother of four children. (All under the age of 6 mind you!)

She's the 'daughter' my father would have liked to raise. (oh I can just see her commenting on this statement.. denying the truth!)

She makes home-made yummy food. Pickles her own peaches and makes apple sauce from scratch.. (if you ever make apple-butter please send some my way... ) She plants and tends a garden... My father picks up a bunch of fruit from my other brother's yard and Amanda makes up the yummiest food with it. She enjoys cooking... you can just tell. You can taste the love in her food.

I don't have that. But I love to visit and reap the benefits of her talents.
She started a blog: I thought clever: It's Whats 4 Dinner. (It might not taste good, but "It's whats for dinner..."
Just teasing .. everything on the site sounds yumm-o and she has a bunch of contributors.. You should look into it.

Anyway- just wanted to plug her.
just got home from Hockey...
I had a really fun day today- actually.
The day started off with a call from my sister--- we've got our wheels spinning for a surprise to be announced later this month... on my blog-- so be sure to check back. I would tell you now. (I can't keep a secret) But she asked me to hold off... so .. sorry. I always have been an obedient younger sister. You'll have to wait to find out.

So my sister called, but I was heading out the door for a walk. (you know "fitness teams"- got to get my points in ... lost last week. DARN IT!) So I called her back on my cell and walked and talked for about an hour.

Then brought my kids over to Anjeny's house- so I could vote without my children. Visited with her- always a pleasure... then came home... worked on our surprise... visited with Anjeny AGAIN- this time she came to my house-- cleaned up the house a small bit- before leaving for hockey.. .and now... I best go and get my kids to bed. POOR baby... is just hysterical... so so tired.



Martha said...

How can this be posted at 9:26 pm when it's only 8:46 and I'm making a comment. That is so weird.

Amanda said...

Thanks Laura, I feel so special :) I will take credit for taming Al cause that was a challenge and always a work in progress. I owe so much to your family though...what wonderful examples you've all been to me.

I did make apple butter but we're all out...it went FAST! You're on the list for the next batch, though.

Thanks, Laura...what a sweetheart!

Laura said...

I KNEW you would know how to make Apple-butter! Shoot! I can't believe I missed it!


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