Thursday, November 20, 2008


This morning my son3 and I went to the beach.

The lighting was so cool. Believe it or not- I didn't do any photo shop tricks to these images.

I love digital cameras. I love how they've opened up "photography" so even armatures can take great pictures.

It helps too to live in a beautiful place.
I've noticed, since moving to Hawaii, that the quality of my pictures have at least doubled.
It's hard to take a "bad beach" picture.

Wishing everyone gentle days...


Pat said...

What breath taking pictures. I need oxygen. Thanks for sharing.

Emily said...

Gorgeous photos! Love them!

Uh,oh..the word verification says 'creepr' I am not!

SWIRL said...

I really love how they turned out too- it turns out .. I needed to change my battery... so to get this great effect... just try shooting .. in the morning.. facing the sun.. and with low charge in your camera- so it can't take a color picture.

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