Sunday, November 2, 2008

Picture Prep

Okay- tomorrow is the BIG DAY as we like to label important moments in our family life. (There is actually a funny story about this... scroll down to find that side story.)

Anyway- our Big Day: Photographer coming to take pictures of me and my children and my "collection" for Family Fun Magazine. I still cannot believe it.

Two weeks ago I trimmed the boys hair... so it would be short- but still have time to grow out a little...
A week ago- I had a Girls Day - and bought some jeans and a few cute T-shirts.
All week- I've been diligent in using my 3 step face cleaning system...trying to clear up my skin... (well, two of the three steps.. I seem to have misplaced step3... hopefully it wasn't a 4 step program or 5 step program- that would explain why it isn't working perfectly....)
Last night- I gave my husband the task of picking out the boys clothes... I tend to go down the matchy matchy road and I promised my sons I wouldn't embarrass them that way in a national publication... (I reserve the right for family pictures we send out yearly.)
My husband did a beautiful job... macho job... I don't know the proper phrase-ology. They are "cool" for the boys- yet coordinating for me...

I've been really trying to keep things real and not "go-all- Prom". But...

This morning .. I thought I would tackle my eyebrows. Here's the pictures...


...half way done... right eye done.. left eye yet to be touched...

This is when I thought, now WHY am I doing this?? And more importantly- why am I taking pictures?

But now I'm glad I did..(did it- and took pictures...) because there IS a difference.

Kinda wishing I still had my long hair- at this point. It's a security blanket...

But I have a cute cut- and it is super easy to do everyday... so overall I love it.

I think it is funny- I go visit other blogs and some people post drop-dead gorgeous pictures of themselves and then try to play it off, "oh- just doing dishes!" or " I'm so embarrassed- this candid shot- of me shopping at a flea market..."

Who are you kidding?I mean- I know the pressure- I'm not posting a picture on my blog unless I look my drop-dead best! ( HUGE exception: the previous pictures in my bathroom.) But who do you think your kidding? Okay I'm just going to call them out on it..

TARA- we know you spent at least 20 minutes setting up this perfect shot of you...on your computer.. um.. I think the vase of roses...on the floor tipped me off.

Alison- oh- so hard to be so beautiful... just out in a beautiful part of the country .. with beautiful family.. having a beautiful time... and eating fritters. (by the way- what an amazing photographer you are!)
Okay- no more roasting... I just think it is funny. Human-nature funny. I'm completely the same way- especially the pressure of this photo shoot tomorrow.

I told my oldest we would be scrubbing off his tattoo today.. just the one on his face...he can keep his arm tattoo's- the photographer said these would be close/tight face shots.
Okay those of you waiting for the funny story about THE BIG DAY phrase.. before we got married. My husband flew out to visit/meet my parents. (For the first time.. a week or so before the wedding.. so no pressure.) And as tradition - we just refereed the the wedding day as the BIG DAY.. you know, "These are the flowers for the BIG DAY. What are the car pool plans for the BIG DAY... " stuff like that.
My mom still didn't have her dress. We went shopping and she came home with a few different dresses. As she was trying them on- to show the family- my soon to be husband says, "So is that the BIG dress.?.. I mean, the dress for the BIG DAY?"
But the damage was done... you can't talk your way out of that- once you say BIG dress - It's out there...unretractable...not the best way to start off your relationship with your soon-to-be mother-in-law.
We still laugh about that.


Alyson (New England Living) said...

How exciting to have a photo shoot with a national magazine! What's it all about?

Oh, and thanks for calling me out! But I did say that it just happened to be a really good shot in good lighting. I admitted that I don't always have shots that good. So there! :-)

Laura said...

Alyson commented on my blog... she came to visit... she commented..

and I'm glad she doesn't hate me.. I was just trying to be funny- (deddlins is my verifier- you're deddlins beautiful!)

umm.. the photo-shoot is for Family-fun magazine.. my sister nominated me for Mother of the Month! I'll be MOM-February.
very exciting..

Alyson (New England Living) said...

That is so cool! And congrats. Good luck with the shoot.

And of course I don't hate you. I was totally laughing!

Amanda said...

I can't wait to hear how things go in the morning...with your crew, there's bound to be a funny story or four :) Good luck, you're wonderful and based on the last family photo, you have no worries, you were gorgeous!

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