Wednesday, November 5, 2008


I don't know if you know... but I wouldn't call myself an avid reader.
I know I TALK alot about books and if you see me... I probably have a book in my hand... (I'm previewing for : But I went YEARS having never read a book.
I had lots of excuses...

1. I had a hard time finding books I liked. Books that interested me.

2. I'm a slow reader, I stumble over complex plot twists and turns. (For the LIFE of me- I cannot finish Count of Monte Cristo!) My mother-in-law has recommended it to me many times- and I LOVE the movie... but when characters start changing names and they move around so much... I just struggle to keep who & what straight in my mind.

3. I didn't feel like I had the time. If I was going to sit and read... there were a million other things I should be reading... (scriptures, a self-help book, a text book- when I was in college.)

4. If I was going to do something "for fun" READING wasn't on top of my list.

Since becoming a mother... and having spent weeks in bed on bed rest with all of my children... I slowly turned off the TV and started reading more books.

I even joined a book club at church. Many times I went- not having read the book at all... but to just hear what it was about, visit with the ladies and have a nice night of female/adult conversation.

I guess that is why I plug along with my Boys Book Clubs. I don't have it down to a science-yet. My boys STILL don't like to read. (They can- and I toot my trumpet at THAT accomplishment... but still.. I have to nightly remind them... DO YOUR READING!!!) It is nice- having a firm deadline... they need to finish the book by book club date... but if they don't.. I still hold the book club. ( I know what it is like- getting into a book and not wanting to finish it.)

What got me thinking about all this- was- I was cleaning the side of my husbands bed and I found a book. Just One Look by Harlan Coben.

I was introduced to Harlan Coben (not in real life- introduced to his books) in my women's book club 6 years ago. The ladies wanted to change things up and have us read a book with our husbands. Tell No One by Harlan Coben was the book selected. I came home that night and as we both got into bed, I told my husband we were going to read it together...
He moaned and rolled over..
I said, "okay- I'll just read one chapter every night."
He said, "fine- as long as I can fall asleep whenever I want."
I started the book.. and and we were hooked! By the end of the chapter he was snuggled close to me and we both wanted to read ... just one more chapter... one more...
It was so much fun! We said we would read it together-- but then I read ahead... so then he started hiding the book so I couldn't find it and read ahead of him...
Plot twists and scary characters with good mystery fill every one of his books.

So book clubs are a good thing- even for BIG KIDS who don't like to read.
You should start one!

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Amanda said...

I struggle to read, as well. I'm FINALLY getting into this year, but it was never my first choice of things to do. I just tackled my 1st 1000 page book, loved it and am now tackling the sequel (also 1000 pages).

I am trying to focus on the classics that I never read growing up. I figure I owe it to my kids since I'm home schooling and should be able to discuss classical literature with them. So like you, I'm sort of doing my prereading for my kids.

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