Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Shadow Walk

We went on a walk today- just the baby and me. (Is he still considered a baby? He's almost 3 years old!) I was in shock last night as I realized that with all our other boys... when they were his age we were pregnant again!

Just having fun in the sun and with our shadows. You'll notice his bare little foot, bottom right corner. My kids go barefoot alot. I tried to get them to wear shoes- but we just lost a bunch of pairs of shoes. They take them off at the park, they take them off to run in the grass, they take them off when they go into friends houses... it was getting expensive... so I kinda gave up.

But now my baby has chubby feet and they don't fit into shoes... I've got to be better about making him wear something.. slippers or sandals!

Maybe my new years resolution.



Anonymous said...

Hey Happy Birthday to you! So you know well what it's like to be surrounded by males. xo What a fun blog you have!

Anonymous said...

Oh PS- my boys just wear thongs (well that's what we call them everywhere and are always taking them off too.

Laura said...

Hey Jo princess...
thanks for stopping by- I first saw your site on momblog.. and your name made me wonder,'whats the story behind that?'

I knew you had to be a mom with boys!

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