Friday, November 21, 2008

Shy? or Snob?

Have you ever noticed those two characteristics are often confused for each other?

I have.

It's strange. In college, my sister-in-law was mistaken as a "snob" in one of our sign language classes. I had to convince the other classmates she wasn't a snob- just shy. And truth be told.. she was really struggling learning sign language so she didn't say much.. because she didn't understand much of what was being signed in class. But I think the reason they jumped to this conclusion is because she was intimidatingly beautiful and quiet. So the insecurities of the other gals... made them interpret her shyness as snobby. I on the other hand- had met her outside of school, at the apartment of my "friend" {future husband}. He had introduced us and I saw how friendly and honest and FUN she was... I guessed why she was so quiet in class and offered to tutor her.

My friend Anjeny share a story on her new blog... The Ramblings of an Islander . I hate that the first impression she had of me was , "I was a snob". But I'll let you read her story. She tells it so well. And you can get to know her bold, funny personality. As a mother of 7 you have to have thick skin and be straight-forward. Plus she grew up on a small island washing her 6 older brothers jeans in a RIVER! She doesn't talk about it much- but I am so fascinated at how similar our personalities are... when we grew up with COMPLETELY DIFFERENT life experiences.

I think she might be the funniest person I know... who doesn't TRY to be funny. {There is an example of that also in her story- near the end.}

Plus- another thing I like about her- she's a dreamer and a schemer. We love crafting together.. projects I wouldn't dare attempt on my own.. I call her up and she's quickly on-board. She's a confident soul whose quick to laugh. I'm so glad she's blogging. I hope she will share more stories of her childhood.

She might be a little shy at first- but give her time.. and defiantly- don't confuse it with snobbishness.


Anjeny said...

Laura, if my skin color can show it, you'd be able so see it blushing right now. That was sweet. I'm sure your SIL was really glad that you care enough to take the time to get to know her and found out the reason behind quietness...sorry I can't say the same about You see why Kev smiles when he finds out I'm spending time w/ya?

The Crash Test Dummy said...

Yes! SHY!!! But, NO! you are soooo not shy. I can't see you shy. Although you don't LOVE big social gatherings so that probably explains that.

Don't you love Anjeny's cute blog!!!!

I love the layout. Who did it? She's so cute too.

But both of you are krazy kreativ krafters! (And rambling islanders. At least I'm a hermit and not a rambling islander. ;)

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