Tuesday, November 25, 2008


You'll have to excuse me today.
We've got a few doctors appointments and one trip to the hospital for x-rays.

First I'm a little sleep deprived: Hatrick has been under the weather for probably 2 weeks now. About a week ago he was giving the flu nasal mist and last night... was throwing up. (hmm ya think he might have the flu?)

Before all that- I had made an appointment for Hunter and Hatrick today to get some warts removed from their feet. I think this is the hazard of running around all the time without shoes on. Hunter has a HUGE one on the bottom of his foot- I was just waiting until after hockey season to get it removed... but it just keeps getting bigger and bigger. (Emily- you can relate--- hee hee hee hee).
Okay I'll just tell you and reveal a big mystery I solved. My sister use to complain she had really dry/cracking heels... and try as she might.. she couldn't solve the issue. She had my brother even look at it. (he's a doctor in the Navy- specializing at the time in Underwater medicine- so we'll give him a break that he couldn't diagnose this...) I took one look and said, "it looks like a huge plantar wart." ( I grew up with warts- maybe it was hanging around the pool too much/ walking barefoot so much... cleaning the boys bathroom too much barefoot... OH! GROSS!!! Let's not flash back.. okay??)
We had been telling my sister to go to the doctor and get it looked at for awhile.. and she wouldn't. (I can't wait to hear her side of this story!) But once I said it was a wart... she had an appointment and was getting it treated PRONTO. And yes.. I was right. It was a wart- that had consumed her entire heel!
Lastly- our trip to the hospital. Hugh had a spill in his last hockey game this weekend. And a few days later.. he was still complaining that his thumb hurt. I took him to the doctor.. it looks a little swollen but no bruising, etc... They gave him a thumb brace. (He says that's why he likes our doctor- they always give out cool braces... ugh.) And a referral for some x-rays. He doesn't think it's broken .. but he wants a better look at the joint. I'm personally suspicious if he is just drumming up business for the small hospital in our town. (It USE to be a hospital... but now it is more like a clinic. It looks like a hospital - but they don't even deliver babies anymore.) Whatever. I'm okay with that- I guess. I like having one near us in case of emergencies... I only have to drive 15 minutes to the clinic instead of an hour or so.

So that is my day.
I'm off to make Hatrick some toast.


Emily said...

Disgusting! I'm sure glad that was our other sister! I would hate to have something like that on my foot. Yuck yuck yuck

I still rarely go barefoot

Anjeny said...

Totally yuck on the warts part. So, it's that how you get warts? barefoot? Hmmmm.

Sorry to hear about the boys being sick. Lemme know if there is anything I can do. How's the sewing coming?

Martha said...

So was his thumb broken? Warts are the worst. We like to watch Al dump the liquid nitrogen on the floor after freezing the wart though. That is so cool.

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