Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Okay- I got my birthday package from my parents a few days ago- and I was being sooooooo good about not peeking.. then yesterday I peeked inside.. but I thought "I'll be good and save the card for my actual birthday".

Well.. today.. I just flat-out opened my card and look how "Girl in a Swirl" it is!!!

How did my mother know?? and why? why? WHY?? didn't I open it sooner! I could have just emailed this card to my web- designer! They are the colors I love together! (They aren't THIS bright.. they are a little toned down.)

isn't that the way it goes?
Thanks mom and dad! I love the card.. .and all the goodies in my package. I KNOW! I'm terrible. I might as well be turning 2 years old.. instead of 32! ( wink, wink) I promise- I don't do this every year.. I must be going through a mid-life crisis or something..

I'm going to post this picture on my sidebar.. I just love it.. fits the girly side of me.


Anonymous said...

32? Ahem, what happen to the other years of ur life?lol Ok, I'll go with ya...HAPPY "GIRL IN A SWIRL" BIRTHDAY, my crazy friend..lol.

Amanda said...

I was a little thrown off until I saw the (wink, wink) LOL

The card is perfect...your mom is great at getting just the right thing for each person she shops for...she's very thoughtful.

Anonymous said...

I love the new look of your blog!
I wanted to make you aware of a typo (if you hadn't already noticed). Your subtitle says "Thriving and Surving in A House Full of Boys." I'm thinking you want it to say survIVing.
Hope that helps! =0)

Laura said...

hee hee- I wondered if anyone would call me on the 32.. I was going to say 22.. but 4 boys.. the oldest 12.. didn't think THAT fuzzy math would pass by you guys.

also- I know! Major TYPE-OOOO... I've let my designer know... hopefully it will be changed..soon.

love the comments!

Emily said...

I hope you know I've been trying to sign up as a follower and it won't let me- are you blocking me for some reason? Huh? Huh?

Laura said...

likely story!

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