Sunday, December 7, 2008

Coin Count-y Book

I found this great Piggy-Bank Book. My son#3 loves money. He loves playing with money, finding money, collecting money and of course spending money. ( He tries to find 25 cents daily to buy icee's from our neighbor.)

So when I saw this book- I knew he would love it. If you fill up all the pages in the book- you've saved over $20.00.
It's a good - quiet- activity too. If you are planning a long car trip. Have this book and give your child a bag full of assorted coins.
GUARANTEE... they'll be quietly filling the pages and lovin every minute!


Alyson (New England Living) said...

Me and your son have a common love.

Cool idea!

wv: fastrom

Funny, the word verifier knows it's fast Sunday!

Brooke said...

Clark and Erin had their baby!!!:)if you want to see pictures there are a few on their blog,which is

love you guys,
the jones fam

SWIRL said...

That's soo exciting! YOU're an AUNTIE!!!

Love you guys!

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