Thursday, December 25, 2008

FHE Lesson 2 Opposites & Clothes

Vocabulary words for Second Month:
Opposites: pequeno & grande, rapido & despacio, arriba & abajo, adentro & afuera
Clothes: pants- los pantalones, shirt- la camisa , socks- los calcetines,
glasses- los anteojos, Jacket - la chaqueta , shoes- los zapatos,

I am putting on my… Me pongo…… la camisa ( the shirt)

Places the school- la escuela, house- la casa, the store- la tienda, the beach- la playa,
the park - el parque, the office - la officinal

Getting dressed and going places
Where are we going? Adonde vamos?
Let’s go to the beach Vamos a la playa.
Get going! Andale!
A little crazy un poco loco!
I like………… me gusta………..
I don’t like………. No me gusta……….

FHE GAME IDEA- play the game, “Do you llike your neighbor” people are seated around in a circle ( in chairs & couch etc..) and you ask “Do you like your neighbor?” The person either responds Si or no. if they respond “Si” then they say, “perro- no me gusta …… socks, or glasses, blue shirts, etc…” people wearing the item have to jump up and switch places with other people… they try to find a new seat. The person standing…. Gets to ask another person the same question. “ Do you like your neighbor?” if the person says, “NO” then the person on either side of the person have to jump up and try to switch places.

Last night was our Second Spanish Family Home Evening.
The family that hosted it- did such a wonderful job!
We sang- "Do as I'm Doing" in Spanish for the opening song.
Hazlo Conmigo- Do As I'm Doing
Hazlo conmigo, sigue,sigueme
hazlo conmigo, sigue, sigueme
Hazlo asi aca o alla (I can do it here or there)
Lento o conrapidez (slow or fast)
hazlo conmigo, sigue, sigueme
hazlo conmigo, sigue, sigueme
Had a prayer.

And then the kids re-enacted the story of the 3 little bears- in Spanish. (The parents read parts in Spanish while the kids acted out the story. They had a Spanish storybook.) It was really cute.

After we played a game called, "Fruit Basket" or as I learned it, "Do you love your neighbor". It really was fun.
?Te gustan a tus vecinos? (Do you like your neighbors?)
No, no me gustan a mis vecinos (those sitting on either side have to switch places, while the person standing in the middle tries to grab one of their seats.)
Si, pero no me gustan a los que llevan pantalones azules.
(If they say Yes, but I don't like those who... wear blue pants, then everyone in the group with blue pants have to jump up and change seats.)
a los que llevan calcentines
a los que lleban camisas blancas
a los que tienen mas que diez anos
a los que tienen menos que ocho anos

The Native Spanish Speaking family that is in our group- has his Mother, sister and brother visiting from Columbia (Until Christmas). So it is a real test of our skill- they speak little to no English!
They got a kick out of the game. (His brother and sister are teenagers.)

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