Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Guilty Pleasures

Why do I feel so guilty- sneaking over to SAVERS {my favorite second hand store} and buying books? I got a great deal on some books.

I buy a bundle of books like this and maybe 3 or more will make it onto my website: http://www.bookclub4boys.com/ . I try to highlight only those books that meet my strict criteria.

Is it a book that appeals to boys? ( The boys in the book aren't portrayed as dumb and bumbling.) Usually action or adventure oriented or boy humor.

Is is a reasonable size? (Reluctant readers are wary of long books. They would rather read 5- 100 page books than sit down and read 1- 500 page book. Spiderwick series is a great example of that! Scroll down on the link page to read that story.)

Is is a topic that would interest boys? I've found just because a book has won an award and has a golden sticker on it- doesn't mean it will be a big hit with boys. A great example is the story I am currently reading to them at night: A Tale of Desperaux. In my defence- I thought it would be fun to read the book before we see the movie. But the book is about a mouse who falls in love with a princess. Yeah there are rats and the movie trailers seem to play up the "bravery" part... but in the book Desperaux is highly motivated by his love for the princess and my boys just moan and groan over this... so you'll notice. I don't recommend this book on my Bookclub4boys website.

Is it easy to read? My site really is about helping boys start reading. So if a book is slow to get into... or if it has alot of landscape descriptions and not enough action I usually don't recommend it as a book club book.

Now I might sound super critical. I just try to be realistic. I have a picky group of boys, who don't like to read. So I if I give them a book, I try to make sure it will be one I think they'll like.

Is it just me? or do you also get disappointed when you read a book that has singing praises only to finish it and think ," Were those reviews for this book?"

If you have a boy- you should go check it out. If you have a book your son likes to read- please leave me a comment! I am always looking for GREAT boy books!


The Crash Test Dummy said...

Oooooh. I wish I had come with you.

Your verifier says ullyzest. What an interesting word.

Amanda said...

I was just reading the Chronocles of Prydain series by Lloyd Alexander and thought of your boys. They're short (under 200), lots of action and fantasy based...there are 5 in the series (2nd book is The Black Cauldron, you may remember the movie from when we were young).

I did not actually make it through the series. Al started reading Twilight and pulled me off what I was reading to read Twilight so he could discuss the book with me. So we're both reading the same copy of the second book, now. LOL

Once we finish with the Twilight saga, I'm going to move back to Lloyd Alexander's series.

Emily said...

You will super love How To Eat Fried Worms- it has everything (a bet, a cheater, worms, eating worms- what could be better?)Read that onen first.

I think Peter and the Starcatchers is pretty long but maybe for your older boys. I've never loved Peter Pan.

I thought the Boggart was a dud. I think the Andrew Clement books are pretty good but haven't read all of them.

Indian in the Cupboard books- thumbs up. Sign of the Beaver is pretty good, as I remember (the author wrote Witch of Blackbird pond, one of my favorites for girls).

I don't recognize the Carl Hiaason book- is it Hoot? I haven't read that one either.

Word verifier says 'humen'- I guess we are all members of the humen race

SWIRL said...

How to eat fried worms- I did love- so I was glad to pick up an extra copy.. .for a future book club...

HOOT is really really good. (again- just picking up extra copies when I find them.) I liked his other book called FLUSH too.

Peter and Starcatchers- I thought Hugh might like. We'll see. It is long- but Hugh is getting more interested in reading and this book was actually recommended by an older boy in our townhouses that Hugh really likes.

Sign of the Beaver- {extra copy} really liked this book and there is a movie too! Yippee for bookclub!

The others I'm scoping out for future book club possiblities.

Amanda said...

I like Peter and the Star Catchers, but definitely for Hugh and up. We tried reading it for family reading time each night, but the language was too descriptive for my young ones, they did not have the attention span.

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