Monday, December 1, 2008


What a bonus! It's not just Monday- an new start to a new week.. but December 1st too! (I love new starts, new beginnings and the FIRSTs of stuff.)

So it's Monday. (I guess I've already said that.) That means FHE and I have treats. We are going to make this Train after school .. and then eat it for dessert.

Then- I thought I would list off my To Do today.
My wishful thinking list.

I put together this little gift for a family who just adopted a baby from China. She is soooo adorable. I got to sneak a peek at her during church. I think she is almost one years old.

I have a few things I need to mail.

A mountain I need to conquer.

At least one room to tackle.

But thankfully, our living room still looks great! I know- we have the smallest little tree. This is actually a HUGE improvement to our old tree. (Someone gave us a tree 10 years ago- which was the tree she had grown up with and her mother was going to throw away... but she couldn't stand the idea.. so she brought it home, but her husband didn't want to keep it. {He prefers fresh/live trees.} So she gave it to me.) So to do the math.. it was probably 30 years old.. missing branches and really scraggly looking. Last year we broke down and bought this little guy. It's perfect for the boys to decorate. Plus all our homemade ornaments look right at home. I love this little guy.


Amanda said...

We're in the final stages of recovery from parents left this morning so your mom has been cleaning up after the hurricane.

My mom helped do all the laundry while she was here and I'm doing my last bit of nesting before baby Chase comes in 1.5 days!!!

Hope you have a wonderful Monday!

Emily said...

I hope one of those packages is for me! I have no idea what you'd be mailing me but I'd probably really like it!

Did you get a package of socks from me?

The Crash Test Dummy said...

OMGOSH! OMGOSH!!! That tree is adorably puny. And I've never seen your living room soooooo clean. AWESOME!

So, hey, how was Walmart on Black Friday. I keep hearing how long the line was. Did you get anything good?

SWIRL said...

Well... we didn't get what we wanted.. so we bought our second choice... THEN the next day we had to shop again.. found our FIRST choice item.. so we bought it and then went back to Walmart and RETURNED EVERYTHING WE HAD BOUGHT AT BLACK FRIDAY!
so .. no.. I don't think we'll do that next year. It was a big disappointment.

And yes- the LINE was huge! But they handled the line and such really well.

Anjeny said...

I agree with Crash...Laura, your living room looks totally clean. Alraiiiight, who are you and what have you done to my friend Laura?
I still haven't put my tree up yet, I want a real one this year but oh well...guess I'll stick with the same one.
And what is Black Friday? Is that a day or a store? I feel like I just landed on a totally different, had my nose stuck in a book(four to be exact) for the last week, I didn't even try to hit any sales the day after Thanksgiving. Sheesh.
I hear somebody in one of the Mainland Wal-Mart got stomped to death during all the crazed shopping.

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