Sunday, December 14, 2008

Last night was my monthly card exchange group. The hostess, Kathy, always pampers us. She spent three months planning and preparing for this "Christmas in Hawaii" party .

I'm in pink, and Kathy is standing next to me in the white shirt.
Her tree behind us, is on a rotating table/music box and was decorated with ornaments that represent the 12 Days of Christmas- Hawaii style.

(This is only about half our group.)

Her niece made this cake.

I couldn't stop looking at it. The little palm tree's on the cake- had blinking Christmas lights!

I'm speechless....

The details, the decorations, the food, there so much attention to detail.. so much love that went into this .... I was amazed- and exhausted at the same time.

The beautifully laid table.

Each place setting....

Goodies to take home.

Anjeny was the demonstrator... so I'll let her post about her beautiful ornaments.
The night was just so much fun.
I will admit. I was the FLOP of the night. Every year we exchange ornaments instead of cards in the month of December. And I hate it. (Sorry Anjeny and Jocelyn- I do!) I don't hate getting other people's ornaments.. I hate making ornaments for other people. It is so intimidating..
I just had a HUGE Creative BLOCK . I was stumped... but then Charmaine came and made a BEAUTIFUL ornament/ story box.. I, again, was speechless! These women are so creative and kind.
We laughed and crafted and it was a lot of fun. I am so glad Kathy likes to host big parties.. because she is just so at ease, it makes the whole atmosphere relaxed and enjoyable.
Beautiful night Ladies- THANKYOU


Kristina P. said...

That sounds like so much fun! And that cake is amazing.

Jessica said...

I came across your blog while blog jogging. I have 3 boys and my brother lives in Hawaii. You party sounds wonderful. I wish I was having a Mele Kalikimaka this year!

Very cool cake!

Martha said...

Wow, what a spread. That Kathy knows how to throw a shindig.

Hey, are we having a townhouse party? Darren isn't going to be around and Perry doesn't want to do it without him. Are you up for helping me plan something?

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