Thursday, December 25, 2008

Lesson 1 Family and Colors

Vocabulary words:
Hello Hola
Goodbye adios
Numbers 1-10 uno, dos, tres, cuatro, cinco, seis, siete, ocho, nueve, diez

My Mom- mi mama
My Father mi papa
My sister mi hermana
My brother mi hermano
My grandfather mi abuelo
My grandmother mi abuela
The dog el perro
The cat el gato
Yes- si
No no
My name is…. Me llamo ____________________________________
I am ___ years old Yo tengo _________ anos.

Basic colors
Green- verde, blue- azul, yellow -Amarillo, white - blanco, black - negro, red- rojo

To help teach these words this past month- I have placed the colors with their spanish labels on them by our kitchen table.

At meals- we quiz each other. On this same wall- we have family pictures and I labelled them as well. We also take turns counting in Spanish.

Tonight- I am going to buy a big bag of M&M's and skittles and we are going to test our skills! I made some BINGO cards with the words on them and we are going to play that. Our Spanish Family Home Evening is in three nights- and I want us to be ready!!!

FHE: Introduce ourselves & families, names, how old we are, etc… Play Uno
We started with a song: Amad a Otros ( Love One Another)
Co-mo os he a-mado, a-mad a o-tros.
Un nue-vo man-da-mien-to, a-mad a o-tros.
Por es-to sa-bran que sois dis-ci-pu-los mi-os
si os a-mais u-nos a o--- tros.

We introduced our families, names, ages, etc.. as best we could and then....
We played Uno attack and it was alot of fun! Our native speaking family had never played and it. It was funny- trying to explain in Spanish- the name of the game is "Uno". They kept saying, "Yes- I understand, but what do you say in English?" And we'd say, "Uno!" (In English- the name of the game is Uno. They thought it had some English name.) We ate skittles and other candies that were colorful- M&M's and such.

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